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We added 4 new handicappers to the stable bringing us to a total of 15. We had been looking to get some young blood in here and we feel we accomplished that in a major way.

The 4 new handicappers are Dan Stuart, Cory James, Gary Reddick, and Tony Milano. Dan, Cory, and Gary are all in their 20's and they bring a new, fresh approach to the sports handicapping business. Tony is a little bit older but brings a wealth of experience and years of consistent winners to the table. All 4 were on a different site for over 2 years and their record and numbers were solid. 

We are beyond excited to make these additions.

When we began this website way back in 2008, we had a great group of guys who were in their 20's at the time. Frank, Paul, Mike Stone, Mike Jacobs, Brandon, and Richie all started this with us and we could not be happier that all these years later, the original 6 are still here, going strong.

We added along the way with Jen and David coming on board in 2010. Donald and Allen joined the team in 2012.

Within the past year, we added John Moretti, who ran his own website for years.

Now we are adding 4 more individuals who we feel add tremendous value to the site. Like the 10 guys and 1 girl already on here, they will be extremely professional and most importantly, they will post their plays and results with honesty and integrity.

So please welcome Dan, Cory, Gary, and Tony to the team. We have vetted these individuals for 6 months and they are extremely talented when it comes to picking winners. More importantly, they are good people and that is certainly something we pride ourselves on here.


Hey everyone, we began posting free picks and offers on Twitter around the end of 2021. We hope this is just another way we can reach all of you and help you to the best of our abilities so go check it out.



In 2021, every single handicapper at our website produced a winning year and the top 5 handicappers are as follows. These are based on the individual handicappers rating systems:

#1 Allen Wong came back from a losing 2020 with a vengeance. He was the top-rated handicapper in 2021 with a record of 425-258-8 which made a profit of 1125.75K. His rating system is between 5K and 15K so as you can see, he had a phenomenal year.

#2 Mike Jacobs produced a solid 2021 as he went 380-290-9 for a profit of 1,619,500 Units. He also went 1-0 on Blank Check Games 

#3 Rich Howser had a great 2021 but he could not repeat as the top-rated handicapper as he held that title in 2020. However, his numbers were not that far below what he did that year as he went 350-268-11 in 2021 good for +477.25K of profit.

#4 Donald Tran had his 10th straight winning year with us as he went 388-294-11 good for +665,000 Dimes. That was with an average play of 10,000 Dimes.

#5 Frank Patron had as good a 10-month run as we had seen here on the website. Unfortunately, his January '21 and December '21 were not great and he slips to #5 on our list. His numbers were 344-289-6 in 2021 which won 913,500 Units. That was his 5th straight winning year

Over the last 2 full years, we have had 1 handicapper produce a losing year. We are as good and as consistent as it comes and our customer service team is no doubt the best in the business.

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