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By Rich Howser: March 15, 2020

I felt this really needed to be written because while the handicappers here most often do not see the emails that come in, thanks to Kim and her dedicated customer service team, when we are alerted to some of the responses we receive, especially after a game loses, we literally just shake our heads. 

Let me explain what you are actually buying when you purchase from anyone here on this site. You are purchasing the opinion of another human being. That person is being paid for the hard work he or she put in to help get you on the right side of games. If you have the expectation that every single time you pay a handicapper here that you are going to win every single game, you are going to be disappointed.

During the pandemic, when most of the world was sitting around waiting on an unknown, I took it upon myself to study and research Australian Rules Football and European Soccer. I literally knew nothing about either of those sports but I decided to work hard and try to figure them out. I was selling those plays at a discounted price and if I am being honest, I did not expect to get as many sales as I did.

I happened to turn a profit in each of the soccer leagues I handicapped as well as on my Australian Football plays. I was paid to do work that many of you, if not all of you, did not want to do or could not do for whatever the reason. I did not win every game, but I made myself and my clients money.


No one has ever promised a game cannot lose. What we say are things like "we really like what we see here" or "we absolutely love this game" or "our hard work has led us to believe we are on the right side of this game." All of that is true.

That does not mean that we win ever single game but we do get paid for the work that we put in. And if we happen to lose a big game, we give extra days of service to try our best to make up for it.

But please understand this because I feel this is where the disconnect is in regards to unrealistic people. Great lawyers do not win every case, but they get paid for their work. Great doctors do not cure every disease or illness, but they get paid for their work. Great coaches do not win every single game, but they get paid for their work. Great field goal kickers do not make every single kick, but they get paid for their work.

Great handicappers do not win every single game. But we get paid for our work. And if you pay us, and you do not like the results, you have the option of firing us and never paying us again.

But to expect to win every single game... or even every single week is so stupid it is beyond comprehension to me.

You pay a handicapper to do the work and research that you are not able to do. Maybe you have a hunch on a game and you just want it reinforced. Maybe you have no clue on a game and you want to bet it anyway. Whatever the reason might be, always understand you are paying for the opinion of another human being and that opinion could be wrong from time to time.

All of this being said, while our opinions are not always accurate here... they do happen to be right way more than they happen to be wrong.


By Jen Barry: August 25, 2020

Just so you guys know, I truly believe all the stuff going on in the world with these feminist movements is complete non sense. I actually hate it. I believe in gender roles for families as I'm old school, believe it or not. I believe the man should be the bread winner of a family while the woman should be the nurturing type for her kids and her husband. Why that role is sorta being demeaned by women out there is beyond me because to me, that role is so ultra important to families and kids growing up. 

All that being said, when it comes to wagering, it's a man's world and I am in it because the man I was dumb enough to marry turned out to be a complete idiot who left his kids and his family back in 2008. 

Some time passed and I was in need of work, so I began applying for jobs as a handicapper on numerous sites. (If you read my bio on my homepage you will understand why). I was turned down for all of them except for one, which happens to be I was told numerous things ranging from "the world is not ready for a female handicapper" to "we just do not believe male customers will buy your picks" has a great customer support team and the lady who runs it is named Kim. When I emailed in, she responded to me saying, "send me your picks for 30 days, if you do well, I will run this to my bosses and get you a spot on the site." I thought to myself, finally, a chance.

I sent my plays in to Kim for 30 days and I won 24 of those 30 days. True to her word, she got me a spot on this site and I have been here ever since. I have been treated beyond fairly by my bosses and the other men who have jobs here. They never looked at me as a woman handicapping games for men. They looked at me as a handicapper who can win for her clients.

I do firmly understand that men might not like trusting a woman for their handicapping needs. There have been guys I have dated through the years who have cooked dinners for me and I did not trust what I was about to eat. That's the truth. But, every time I thought that, I was wrong because some of the food was actually really good. I would like to believe that every guy who did not want to buy from me because I am a female has been wrong because my product, for the most part, has been really good.

On my page, all my numbers are posted. I have produced solid profits for all of my customers. In fact, for 3 straight years, I was the number one rated handicapper at this site based on my profit per my rating my system. My streak came to an end last year and to be honest, I will not be the #1 handicapper here in 2020 but I have still been pretty dang good through the years.

Yes, wagering is a mans world. I am completely OK with it. But this woman has done pretty well and like I always say, you will get my best effort because I literally have nothing else to fall back on.

For all who trusted me through the years. I appreciate you. For those who have not come around yet, for whatever the reason, give me a chance. I am hopeful to  earn your business.


By Paul Leiner: August 8, 2020

It is great to have some of the major sports back, especially the sports that I have done well handicapping throughout my career. The pandemic damaged every industry and obviously sports wagering took a major hit as there were really no sports to bet on.

Just like in our personal lives, where things have changed drastically, our professional lives had to change as well. We had to adapt to the new landscape and that is exactly what I did.

I was throwing out free horse picks but to be honest, I did it for selfish reasons. Obviously I wanted to keep my handicapping skills sharp and that is something you all should respect but damn, I really love the action and betting on horses makes me think of my late father. We would so enjoy handicapping the races together and betting 2 dollar exactas plus we loved looking for some long shots to hammer. It actually brought back some fun memories for me and we did hit some really nice races during those pandemic months when everything else was shut down. 

Another sport many of you do not know that I follow is the UFC. I had never released any fight-night picks on this site until the pandemic. To be honest, I do not even know why I was not releasing any picks but that will change as I will incorporate them as I feel there is money to be made with the UFC. We had some great success on my releases.

The point I am making is, in these unusual times WE ADJUST and WE MAKE MONEY. That is the bottom line. I have been on this site for over 12 years now and I am all about making my customers money. Every handicapper here knows we are not going to win every game we pick. Through the years I have won games I should have lost and I have lost games I should have won but over the long haul it is all about making a profit. No matter how much changes in our great country, that will always remain the same when it comes to sports wagering.

Finding those value plays among all the BS, that is my job. That is what a legit handicapper is paid to do. To research and spend all the time finding mismatches. The people that have followed me know that I love NBA Totals and to be honest I am probably one of the top handicappers out there when it comes to picking totals. I have always had a knack for weeding through the games and finding that OVER where the number is off. 

I cannot even count how many emails I have received through the years asking me how the hell I knew that total was going to move. It is not unusual for me to give out a total in the morning and that game sees a line jump of 3 to 4 points. The good news is, most of those totals win anyway so the move does not matter. 

I hope everyone and their families are safe and well. Things are beginning to get back to normal and part of that normalcy is me winning games for not only myself but my loyal following as well. There is nothing much better than that!

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