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Allen  Wong

 Tuesday, January 18, 2022 
 Purchase by 7:00 PM EST 
 Plus a Two Team Parlay 
 Must Win or Tomorrow is FREE 

Today's Lineup

HERE IN 2021

+1125.75K OF PROFIT
(With An Average Play of 5K Per Game)


Purchase by 7:00 PM EST
(Plus a Two Team Parlay)

Just 29 Dollars

20-11 RECORD IN 2022

Good day everyone, Allen Wong here, and I am +2,574,150 of Profit at this site with just 37 plays rated higher than 10K. 
That says it all.

I was the top-rated handicapper on this website in 2021. It was a massive bounce-back year for me as I did have a losing 2020 and I was the only handicapper here to do that. That certainly hurt my pride

I wanted to make sure I came back and had a great 2021 and I accomplished that, being the top-rated handicapper here for the year.

I plan to do it again in 2022

We are up money for the first 2 weeks of the year and we are off a solid 2-0 Monday that won 19.7K

Lets have another winning night here on Tuesday as I have a 5K Insider 2 Pack. Get both for just 29 Dollars

I must win or tomorrow is FREE

Purchase by 7:00 PM EST


2-0 Monday won 19.7K as Memphis and the Rams both won. We win the parlay but that pays a little less again as we used the Rams on the money line

2-0 Sunday won 19.7K as Under Philadelphia / Tampa Bay and Utah both won. The parlay wins but pays a little less as we used Utah on the money line. 

No Plays Saturday

1-1 Friday lost 5.5K as Toronto lost while Kent State won. We lose the parlay

No Plays Thursday

1-1Wednesday lost 5.5K as Miami won while Colorado State -5.5 won by 5. We lost the parlay

1-2 Tuesday lost 27K as Texas A&M won while DePaul and the Timberwolves lost. We lost all the parlays for the round robin


We have won 34 of the last 42 full weeks,+885.15K of Profit

6-5 Week of January 10th, -23.8K
10-4 Week of January 3rd, +43.7K
6-6 Week of December 27th, -19.5K
5-5 Week of December 20th, -10.5K
8-6 Week of December 13th, +22K
12-1-1 Week of December 6th, +112K
5-7 Week of November 29th, -26K
8-6 Week of November 22nd, +7K
10-4 Week of November 15th, +45.5K
7-5 Week of November 8th, +12.5K
4-10 Week of November 1st, -76K
9-6 Week of October 25th, +23K
8-5-1 Week of October 18th, +18.25K
8-4 Week of October 11th, +23.5K
7-4 Week of October 4th, +32.75K
11-3 Week of September 27th, +77K
10-4 Week of September 20th, +46.5K
10-4 Week of September 13th, +41K
8-6 Week of September 6th, +7.75K
10-3 Week of August 30rd, +71K
9-5 Week of August 23rd, +6.75K
9-5 Week of August 16th, +10.5K
6-2 Week of August 9th,+28K
11-3 Week of August 2nd, +57.95K
8-6 Week of July 26th, -20.25K
9-4 Week of July 19th, +29.05K
4-2 Week of July 12th, +1K
9-5 Week of July 5th, +26.25K
8-6 Week of June 28th, +6K
7-5 Week of June 21st, +9.5K
7-3 Week of June 14th, +45K
10-3-1 Week of June 7th,+61K
10-4 Week of May 31st, +45K
8-5 Week of May 24th, +1K
7-4-1 Week of May 17th, +10.25K
10-3-1 Week of May 10th, +59.8K

October 8th, 2021 Through Today
111-72-2 Overall +242.4K

Oct 8, 2020, Through Oct 7, 2021
416-267-6 Overall +913.75K
(Great 365 Days)

Oct 8, 2019, Through Oct 7, 2020
264-223-7 Overall, +66K
(Not my best work, but still a winning 365 days)

Oct 8, 2018, Through Oct 7, 2019
592-456-12 Overall, +498.30K
(Extremely Solid 365 Days)


2,291 - 1,719 - 52 Overall Record 
in 10 Years at this Website

2,574,150 Units Overall at This Site
(Only 37 Plays Rated Higher Than 10K) 

82-47-2 on my 130 - 10K Moves

21-16 on Highest Rated 15K Moves


324-213-17 NFL Record Last 9 Seasons

36-23-1 NFL 2021-2022 Season
30-22-2 NFL 2020-21 Season
60-47-4 NFL 2019-20 Season
52-26-4 NFL 2018-19 Season

45-24 CFB 2021-22 Season
28-30 CFB 2020-21 Season
64-46-1 CFB 2019-20 Season
60-41 CFB 2018-19 Season


34-21-1 NBA 2021-2022 Season

105-58-4 NBA 2020-21 Season
75-74-2 NBA 2019-20 Season
133-101-2 NBA 2018-19 Season
86-61-4 NBA 2017-18 Season

15-10 in CBB 2021-2022 Season

83-55 College Hoops Plays 2020-21
 74-52-3 on College Hoops Plays 2019-20


150-73-2 on MLB Plays 2021
19-24 on MLB Plays in 2020
188-145-2 on MLB Plays in 2019
185-150-2 on MLB Plays in 2018
90-59 on MLB Plays in 2017
74-53 on MLB Plays in 2016
73-51 on MLB Plays in 2015
66-49 on MLB Plays in 2014

Over the past 8 MLB Seasons, I have released 41 Featured Plays.
 I am 30-11 on those releases

Handicapper Biography


     My name is Allen Wong and I have now been at this site for over 9 full years now. My records have been strong and my profits plentiful. I have won 8 of my 9 years here although 2020 I did have a losing year. One of the things I truly love about is the way we post our games, whether we win or lose. I do not believe you will find a more trustworthy Internet site.

I rely on good old fashion hard work along with my well placed sources who are there to get me solid information.

 I used to love traveling to Vegas to play the tables but if you are being honest about things, you know those tables are designed to take our money, not give us money. Hey, I am Asian and truth be told, us Asians love those card games.

 I would have some good runs, mostly on Craps and 3 Card Poker. Truth be told, I loved the slots as well. That being said, I know I definitely lost more than I won.

 The odds of winning a sporting event are much better than the odds of winning table games and once that light went off in my head, I was immediately drawn to the sport-books.

 My work ethic and contacts are the reason I am making major money for myself and all my customers.

 My numbers tell the story of a consistent winner. Join me today, I wont let you down.

Rating System


 This is probably the most simple rating system you will ever see. I basically have two sets of plays and will have a third on a super rare occasion.


 Simple, every day plays. I want you to get comfortable with what to wager on my plays. How can you ever do that with handicappers who are constantly changing their ratings? 95% of my releases will be rated at 5K.


 The only time I release 10K plays are when I am the featured handicapper of the day. These plays have won at a 65% clip throughout my time at this website. Feel free to step out a little on these plays


  This will be my highest rated play and in all my time at this site


My Free Plays are always rated at 1K. I would like to win every play I release, including the free ones however, my best stuff will be saved for the premium level which you have to purchase to receive.

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