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Donald  Tran

 Saturday, March 17, 2018 
 Purchase by 7:00 PM EST 
 59 Out of 90 Winning Days 
 Win on Miami Heat +150 Friday 

Today's Lineup

10,000 DIME NBA

Purchase by 7:00 PM EST

10,000 Dime Money Line Underdog goes today in the NBA plus 5,000 Dime College Play.  The cost is 29 bucks

1-1 Friday and depending on when you bet the MIami Heat you either got them at +150 down to +110. I released when they were +3.5 +150 so that is the rating I am using. I lost the play on TCU. We made 9500 Dimes on the day.

1-1 Thursday loses us 5,000 Dimes as Indiana Money Line loses while Michigan covered.

1-1 Wednesday loses 5,000 Dimes as the Celtics lose a heart breaker in double OT. 

1-1 Tuesday wins 9,000 Dimes as the top 10,000 Dime play on Minnesota +145 wins while Wagner loses.

0-1 Monday Loses 10,000 Dimes as the Miami Heat +225 Lose

78-52-1 in 2018 and we are up 199,000 Dimes

74-41-2 on NBA Plays This Season
44-35 on CBB Plays This Season
34-29-2 on NFL Plays This Season
35-25 on CFB Plays Last Season
72-49 on
MLB Plays Last Season

+316,550 Dimes of Profit in 2017
(Winning Year #6 in a Row)

71-41-3 with Must Win Featured Plays

94-55-3 on 10,000 Dime Plays
20-12 on 20,000 Dime Syndicate Plays

1,311 - 906 - 41 on 2,258 Plays at This Site

129 - 90 - 9 Last 227 NFL Releases


69-48-4 in 2013-14
84-62-1 in 2014-15
79-54-3 in 2015-16
100-60-6 in 2016-17
74-41-2 in 2017-18


 57-41 in 2012
57-43 in 2013
47-28 in 2014
53-32 in 2015
51-40 in 2016
72-49 in 2017

  Hello all, Donald Tran here and I am 78-52-1 in 2018. I went 284-220-11 in 2017

Since the start of 2012, I am 71-40-3 with Featured Plays 
In 2012, I won my customers 187,700 Dimes of Profit

In 2013, I won my customers 198,150 Dimes of Profit

In 2014, I won my customers 113,500 Dimes of Profit

In 2015, I won my customers 266,000 Dimes of Profit

In 2016, I won my customers 244,750 Dimes of Profit

In 2017, I won my customers 316,550 Dimes of Profit

In 2018, my customers are up 199,000 Dimes

I went 58-43-3 the last 2 College Hoops Seasons
44-35 This Season

I went 58-34-3 the last 2 College Football Seasons
35-25 This Season

Handicapper Biography

 My name is Donald Tran and ever since I was a little kid, I loved sports. Unfortunately, I was never tall enough or athletic enough to play at basically any level.

 But, I have no problem also admitting I was the kid growing up that all the athletes wanted to cheat off of.

 I have a degree in Mathematics and I love crunching numbers. I also love watching sports so years ago I decided to put my passions together and make a living wagering on the outcome of sporting events.

 I soon found out that a degree in Mathematics and a love for sports is not enough to win consistently so I started poking around Las Vegas for informational sources.

 I was not going to give up because I was not having success at first. I just worked harder. 

 I have tweaked my system and my sources throughout the years and I am very confident that I have found the perfect system to make money consistently. My performance at this site the past 5 years proves that to you. (5 Straight Winning Years)

 I have no problems admitting that you learn the most when you fail and when I first started betting games, I was not very successful. But, I kept working at it, I found the best information I could and I have now put it all together.

 Look at all my numbers. Look at the profits I have made people.

 Buy a package from me, I promise you that you will finally see what its like to be a consistent winner.

Rating System


 I have found out through the years that the more simplified this process is, the easier it is to follow for you guys and girls wagering.


 Average plays. If your average wager on a particular day is 200 dollars, than that is what you should put down on these plays. Most of my releases are rated at 5,000 Dimes.


If I have one of these plays going off, chances are you received an email or a text message from my service telling you about it. Very simple, if your average wager is 200 Dollars and thats what you play on my games, you should wager 400 on these plays.


This is simply my highest rated release that my sources in Vegas give me solid information on. These plays will also only be featured releases. If your average play is 200, you should wager 800 on these games.


We are required to release a free play 5 times a week or else I would not even bother. If you are anything like me, you know nothing for free is ever great, that is why it is free

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