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Chad  Jordan

 Saturday, March 17, 2018 
 68-40 Last 37 Days +2,600 Dimes 
 160-85-1 Last 83 Days +6,100 Dimes 

Today's Lineup

March 17, 2018

100 Dime Basketball Totals 3 Pack

Purchase by 7:00 PM EST

Guys, as I have always said, I know many of you prefer to wager on sides and not totals but over the last 2 full years I really feel like I have shown you what a great money maker totals can be. There is great value in them. Come on board and let me show you what I am doing here. For all long term clients, I will continue to reward your faith. 

63 Out of 85 Winning Days
149 Out of 208 Winning Days

273 Out of 397 Winning Days
296 Out of 436 Winning Days

68-40 Last 108 Plays Recent Run

697-441-17 Last 1,155 Plays, +19,495 Dimes

765-471-18 Run, +21,495 Dimes

376-223-5 Run, +13,185 Dimes

 2-1 Friday wins us 90 Dimes as Under Sacrmento / Golden State and Over Clippers / OKC bith win while we lose Under Bucknell / Michigan State

2-1 Thursday wins us 90 Dimes as Under Cleveland / Portland and Under San Diego State / Houston both win while we lose Over Clippers / Rockets.

3-0 Sweep Wednesday wins us 300 Dimes as Over Milwaukee / Orlando, Under Lakers / Golden State and Under Nebraska / Miss State all come in.

 2-1 Tuesday wins us 90 Dimes as Under Toronto / Brooklyn and Under St Bonaventure / UCLA both win and Over Indiana / Philadelphia loses.

Eventually had to have an 0-3 day and Monday was it. Rare but it happens and no matter what I post the games right here. Under Milwaukee / Memphis, Over Sacramento / OKC and Under Hartford / San Diego all lose as we 330 Dimes.

2-1 Sunday Wins us 90 Dimes as Under Indiana / Boston and Under Golden State / Minnesota both win while the Over Houston / Cincinnati loses.

2-1 Saturday wins us 90 Dimes as Under San Antonio / OKC and Over San Diego State / New Mexico while Under Phoenix / Charlotte.

Today I have three more 100 Dime Totals available. Get them for just 29 bucks.

11-7 Last Week Wins 330 Dimes

13-8 Two Weeks Ago Wins 420 Dimes

11-10 Three Weeks Ago Breaks Us Even

15-6 Four Weeks Ago Wins 840 Dimes

15-6 Five Weeks Ago Wins 840 Dimes

10-8 Six Weeks Ago Wins 120 Dimes

 11-6-1 Seven Weeks Ago Wins 440 Dimes

11-4 Eight Weeks Ago Wins 660 Dimes

14-7 Nine Weeks Ago Wins 630 Dimes

13-8 Ten Weeks Ago Wins 420 Dimes

9-6 Eleven Weeks Ago Wins 240 Dimes

14-5 Twelve Weeks Ago Wins 410 Dimes

13-8 Thirteen Weeks Ago Wins 420 Dimes

11-7-3 Fourteen Weeks Ago Wins 330 Dimes

11-10 Fifteen Weeks Ago Breaks Us Even

13-6 Sixteen Weeks Ago Wins 1,040 Dimes

15-6 Seventeen Weeks Ago Wins 840 Dimes

14-7 Eighteen Weeks Ago Wins 630 Dimes

12-9 Nineteen Weeks Ago Won Us 610 Dimes

12-9 Twenty Weeks Ago Won Us 210 Dimes

My record the past 255 days is 501-291-12 overall, +17,590 Dimes of profit

Do not sleep on these totals. So many of the lines are flat out wrong and off. The value is simply better on them as opposed to sides of games. Fact

I am 142-74-2 on NBA Totals This Season

I went 175-118-3 on NBA Totals Last Season

 Over the past 70 months I have released just 82 Featured Plays and my record is 47-29-6.  

 I am 18-11-4 over my 33 - 200 Dime Featured Moves

 I am 265-172-1 with Football action over my last 437 plays
107-58 For the 2017-2018 Season

 I am 310-195-22 over my last 526 MLB Totals
 182-119-8 For the 2017-2018 Season

 My record here at this site now stands at 1848-1374-75, in which I have won +27,890 dimes.

Handicapper Biography

    My name is Chad Jordan and I have been at this site since its inception. I played College Football for a major Division 1 program but unfortunately my time on the gridiron was cut short due to a major knee injury.

 I tried to get into coaching but to be honest, It bothered me too much that I could not play so that was not going to work out all to well for me.

 I remember 1 season, I always knew whether we were going to win or lose just by watching film of our opponent. Obviously, the NCAA prohibits sports gambling among its players and coaches, as they should so I never wagered when I was in college.

 But I do not ever remember being wrong when it came to thinking we would win or lose. When I graduated, I needed a job. Like I said, I dabbled in coaching and in sports management but it was not for me.

 I went on a trip to Vegas for a bachelor party way back in November of 2006. I was roaming the sports book Sunday morning as our flight back was later that night and I thought to myself, there is no way New England is not going to kill Green Bay today. I saved myself 100 dollars for the rest of the day and I wagered every other dollar I had on the Pats. It was a sizeable bet, one which I won by 5 touchdowns.

 Ever since then I had a huge taste for sports wagering and I looked deeper into making a living off it. Through the years I have evolved to the point where right now, I mainly release totals.

 There is so much value with them because many people simply pay no attention to them. I know it is not a popular wager among some of my customers but winning takes care of everything and I win way more than I lose.

 I live and breathe sports. I put maximum effort into my job every single day and that is why I am successful at it and why you will be successful as well if you follow me.

Rating System


This will be very simple and very easy to follow from my end of it. You guys actually following it and staying disciplined with it often times is where it gets hard.

 You cannot and will not win at sports wagering without money management. Without money management, winning means nothing.

 How many times have you guys won 4 straight games at 100 a pop only to lose the 5th game in which you had 500 on it because you were feeling great. You go 4-1 and you are down 150 with the juice. Where is the sense in that.

Try your best to follow this system and you should never run into that problem.


These are my bread and butter plays that are mainly used every single day. Play the same amount on them the whole way through.


Play double what you would on a 100 Dime Play. I do not release these plays often. In fact, I have had just 33 such releases over the past 4 years so do not be afraid to step out when I have a 200 Dime play. Its a rare occurrence, it will not happen often.


This is the cream of the crop and I have only had 10 such releases rated between 300 and 500 dimes in my time here at this web site. These are my best plays so whatever your top wager is, feel comfortable going with it when I have one of these releases


5 Free Plays a week all rated at the same amount. I try my best to win every single play I release but my cream of the crop plays will be the ones you paid to receive.

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