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Paul  Leiner - Pleiner

 Thursday, June 4, 2020 
 2500* Sakai beats Ivanov 
 33-20-1 in 3000* Releases 

Today's Lineup



32 Out of 53 Winning Days

Went 4-1 and 2500* Augusto Sakai Wins

Went 4-1 and 2500* Kevin Holland Wins

Went 3-1 and 2000* Drew Dober Wins

Only $19 For This Action

151-114-6 in College Hoops
5-2 on 2000* NBA Plays

285-219-11 Overall Run Last 133 Days

Hello everyone, Paul Leiner here and I hope all of you stay safe and healthy. I have been releasing some horse racing to keep us busy during this Pandemic. Hopefully we will get MLB and the other sports going again. 


2500* Augusto Sakai beats Blagoy Ivanov
2500* Kevin Holland beats Anthony Hernandez
2000* Drew Dober beats Alexander Hernadez
2000* Over Ohio State/Illinois hits Thursday
3000* Over Ole Miss/Missouri hits Wednesday
2000* Michigan State beats Penn State Tuesday
2000* Over Texas Tech/Baylor hits Monday
3000* Over Stanford/Colorado comes in Sunday
2000* Washington State beats Washington Friday
2000* Florida State beats Louisville Monday
2500* Over Rutgers/Wisconsin hits Sunday
2500* Over Texas Tech/K State hits Wednesday
2500* Over Ole Miss/Missouri hits Tuesday
2000* Over Kansas/Iowa State hits Monday
2500* Villanova beats Temple Sunday
2500* Over Pitt/Clemson Wednesday
2000* Over Ole Miss/Miss State Tuesday
2000* Over Purdue/Indiana hits Saturday
2000* Over Illinois/Maryland hits Friday
3000* Over Cal/Colorado hits Thursday
2000* Kentucky beats Miss State Tuesday
2000* Over Texas Tech / Kansas hits Saturday
 2000* Rhode Island beats VCU Friday
2000* Over Oregon/Cal hits Thursday
2500* Baylor defeats Iowa State Wednesday
2000* Over Purdue/Rutgers hits Tuesday
2000* Over Maryland/Indiana hits Sunday
3000* Over Baylor/Florida hits Saturday

33-20-1 on 3000* Plays

126-77-5 Featured Play Run

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3000* NFL Week 20 Winner
Chiefs (-7) handle Titans

3000* NFL Week 19 Winner
Chiefs (-9.5) crush Texans

3000* NFL Week 17 Winner
Over Giants / Eagles

3000* NFL Week 16 Winner
Over Giants / Redskins

3000* NFL Week 16 Winner
Over Rams / Niners

3000* NFL Week 15 Winner
Over Lions / Bucs

3000* NFL Week 13 Winner
Over Titans / Colts

3000* NFL Week 12 Winner
Over Jaguars / Titans

3000* NFL Week 11 Winner
Over NY Jets / Washington

2500* NFL Week 10 Winner
Seattle (+6) upset San Francisco

3000* NFL Week 9 Winner
Over Panthers / Titans

3000* NFL Week 8 Winner
Over Lions / Giants

3000* NFL Week 6 Winner
Over Eagles / Vikings

3000* NFL Week 5 Winner 
Over Baltimore / Pittsburgh

2500* NFL Week 4 Winner
Pittsburgh (-3) over Bengals

3000* NFL Week 4 Winner
Over Cleveland / Baltimore

3000* NFL Week 3 Winner
Over Atlanta / Indianapolis

3000* NFL Week 2 Winner
Over San Francisco / Cincinnati

2500* NFL Week 1 Winner
Over Colts / Chargers

13-5-1 Super Bowl Record

16-6 on 3000* NFL Plays
19-8 on Top Rated NFL Plays
16 out of 21 Winning Weeks in NFL


153 out of 260 Winning Days

232 out of 407 winning days

307 out of 535 winning days

341 out of 598 winning days

354 out of 618 winning days

374 out of 653 winning days


May 30th- 2500* Sakai beats Ivanov

May 16th- 2500* Holland beats Hernandez

May 13th- 2000* Dober beats Hernandez

Mar 5th- 2000* Over Ohio State/Illinois hits

Mar 4th- 3000* Over Ole Miss/Missouri comes in

Mar 3rd- 2000* Michigan State beats Penn State

Mar 2nd- 2000* Over Texas Tech/Baylor hits

Mar 1st- 3000* Over Stanford/Colorado comes in

Feb 28th- 2000* Wash State beats Washington

Feb 24th- 2000* Florida State handles Louisville

Feb 23rd- 2500* Over Rutgers/Wisconsin hits

Feb 19th- 2500* Over Texas Tech/K State hits

Feb 18th- 2500* Over Ole Miss/Missouri hits

Feb 17th- 2000* Over Kansas/Iowa State hits

Feb 16th- 2500* Villanova beats Temple

Feb 12th- 2500* Over Pitt/Clemson comes in

Feb 11th- 2000* Over Ole Miss/Miss State hits

Feb 8th- 2000* Over Purdue/Indiana hits

Feb 7th- 2000* Over Illinois/Maryland hits

Feb 6th- 3000* Over Cal/Colorado hits

Feb 4th- 2000* Kentucky beats Miss State

Feb 1st - 2000* Over Texas Tech / Kansas

Jan 31st- 2000* Rhode Island beats VCU

Jan 30th- 2000* Over Oregon/Cal hits

Jan 29th -2500* Baylor defeats Iowa State

Jan 28th- 2000* Over Purdue/Rutgers comes in

Jan 26th- 2000* Over Maryland/Indiana hits

Jan 25th- 3000* Over Baylor/Florida hits

Jan 24th- 2000* Over Purdue/Wisconsin hits

Jan 21st- 2000* Over Villanova/Butler hits

Jan 20th- 1500* West Virginia destroys Texas

Jan 19th- 3000* Chiefs handle Titans

Jan 16th- 1500* Memphis beats Cincy

Jan 12th- 3000* Chiefs handle Texans

Jan 9th- 2000* Over Michigan/Purdue hits

Jan 5th- 2000* Seahawks defeat Eagles

Jan 2nd- 1500* Over Purdue/Minnesota hits

Jan 1st- 2500* Alabama beats Michigan

Dec 29th- 3000* Over Giants/ Eagles comes in

Dec 28th- 3000* Clemson beats Ohio State

Dec 25th- 2000* Over Bucks/Sixers hits

Dec 24th- 2500* Over Hawaii/BYU comes in

Dec 22nd - 3000* Over Giants/Redskins hits

Dec 21st- 3000* Over Rams/Niners comes in

Dec 19th- 2500* Over Houston/UTEP hits

Dec 17th- 2500* Florida destroys Providence

Dec 15th- 3000* Over Lions/Bucs comes in

Dec 12th- 2000* Over Ravens/Jets hits

Dec 6th- 2000* Over Oregon/Utah comes in

Dec 5th- 2000* Over Bears/Cowboys hits

Dec 4th- 2500* Over Purdue/Virginia hits

Dec 2nd- 2000* Seahawks defeat Vikings

Dec 1st- 3000* Over Titans/Colts comes in

Nov 30th- 2500* Over Michigan/Ohio State hits

Nov 27th- 1500* Over Oregon/Seton Hall hits

Nov 26th- 2000* Over Ohio/Akron comes in

Nov 25th- 2000* Over Michigan State/Va Tech hits

Nov 24th - 3000* Over Jaguars / Titans hits


16 out of 21 Winning NFL Weeks Last Season

10 out of 14 Winning CFB Weeks Last Season

81-43-5 Preseason Record Last 8 Seasons

13-5-1 Super Bowl Record

19-12 Overall Bowl Record


21-14-1 in 2500* College Hoops Picks

34-22 on 2000* College Basketball Plays

21-14-1 on 2500* College Basketball Plays

12-2 Last 14 Sweet 16 Plays

24-9 Last 33 Elite 8 and Final 4 Plays

157-111-7 College Basketball Record Last Season

Handicapper Biography

 My name is Paul Leiner but almost all of you know me as Plein. When you have been around as long as I have and won as much as I have, people tend to just use your nickname.

 Sports is my life. I know it all from trends to facts. I research heavily and it shows from my unbelievable stats. If someone in this business spends more time on this than I do, I sure would love to meet him.

 Every game I release, I personally wager on. It is not just your hard earned money at stake folks, it is mine as well and I take that very seriously.

 I have been involved with playing and following sports my whole life. I have consistently shown a solid track record in College Football, the NFL and especially College Hoops where I have DOMINATED

 I have continued to hold up against the best in the unpredictable NBA and my NBA Totals are the best in the business.

 I have not had a losing football season since I started on this site and that was way back in 2008.

 I am a proven winner and I will make sure all of my clients are winning as well.

 I have 12 years of winning on my side to prove that point 

Rating System


I release multiple plays every single day and they are all rated differently. Obviously, whatever my top rated play for the day is, that should be your top wager. Here are my ratings:

- 3000* Plays -  
Highest Rated Featured Releases

- 2500* Plays -
Top Rated Releases Often Will be Featured Plays

- 2000* Plays -
Very Strong Moves

- 1500* Plays -
Above Average Releases

- 1000* Plays -  
Average Releases

- 500* Plays -
Add on Plays 

100* is the Free Play Rating

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