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Paul  Leiner - Pleiner

 Sunday, October 21, 2018 
 2500* NFL SUNDAY 
 Purchase by 1:00 PM EST 
 23-13-4 in NFL Picks 
 74-46-4 Run in Featured Plays 

Today's Lineup

(Among 4 Plays)

500* Bonus NBA Play


1500* Friday Winner- Over Boise/Colo State

2000* Thursday Winner- Stanford -2.5

1500* NBA Wednesday Winner - Over Jazz / Kings

NFL Week 5- 2000* Over Saints/Redskins hits
NFL Week 4 - 2500* Over Raiders/Browns hits
NFL Week 3 - 2000* Pittsburgh beats Tampa Bay
NFL Week 3 - 2500* Seattle beats Dallas

NFL Week 2 - 2500* Over Lions / 49ers

74-46-4 Featured Play Run

26 out of last 43winning days

63 out of 107 winning days

78 out of 128 winning days

98 out of last 162 winning days

Hello everyone, Paul Leiner here and today I have a 2500* NFL Lock available for you which is part of 4 plays.

We are on a solid roll right now and we will look to keep it going.

Do not miss my action today for only 29 Dollars. 

All of my packages are available on the right. 
The longer the package, the more you save & the more you WIN


Oct 19th- 1500* Over Boise/Colorado State

Oct 18th- 2000* Stanford beats Arizona State

Oct 17th- 1500* Over Jazz/Kings comes in

Oct 11th- 2500* Texas Tech upsets TCU

Oct 8th- 2000* Over Saints/Redskins hits

Oct 5th- 2000* Over Marshall/MTSU comes in

Oct 4th- 1500* Over Troy/Georgia State hits

Oct 3rd- 1500* Over Yankees/As comes in

Sept 30th- 2500* Over Raiders/Browns hits

Sept 29th - 2000* Kentucky beats South Carolina

Sept 27th- 2000* Over Miami/UNC comes in

Sept 26th- 2000* Athletics beat Mariners

Sept 24th- 2000* Steelers defeat Bucs

Sept 23rd- 2500* Seahawks beat Cowboys

Sept 19th- 1500* Athletics blowout Angels

Sept 16th- 2500* Over Lions/49ers comes in

Sept 15th- 2500* Over Texas Tech/Houston hits

Sept 14th- 1500* Over Memphis/Georgia State hits

Sept 13th- 2000* BC beats Wake Forest

Sept 12th- 2000* Braves defeat Giants

Sept 11th- 1500* Indians shutout Rays

Sept 10th- 2000* Rams crush Raiders

Sept 8th: - 2500* Penn State Kills Pitt

Sept 7th- 2000* TCU blows out SMU

Sept 4th- 2000* Brewers destroy  Cubs

Sept 2nd- 1500* Over Miami/LSU comes in

Sept 1st- 2500* West Virginia crushes Tennessee

Aug 31st- 1500* Colorado rips Colorado State

Aug 30th- 2000* Over Purdue/NWestern hits


62-36-3 NFL 2017-18 Season Record

16 out of 21 Winning NFL Weeks last season

70-38-5 Preseason Record Last 7 Seasons

12-4-1 Super Bowl Record

12 out of 16 Winning Weeks in College Football

19-12 Overall Bowl Record

5-1 on 2000* Bowl Plays


33-22 on 2000* College Basketball Plays

24-15 on 1500* College Basketball Plays

12-2 Last 14 Sweet 16 Plays

24-9 Last 33 Elite 8 and Final 4 Plays

157-111-7 College Basketball Record Last Season

Handicapper Biography

 My name is Paul Leiner but almost all of you know me as Plein. When you have been around as long as I have and won as much as I have, people tend to just use your nickname.

 Sports is my life. I know it all from trends to facts. I research heavily and it shows from my unbelievable stats. If someone in this business spends more time on this than I do, I sure would love to meet him.

 Every game I release, I personally wager on. It is not just your hard earned money at stake folks, it is mine as well and I take that very seriously.

 I have been involved with playing and following sports my whole life. I have consistently shown a solid track record in College Football, the NFL and especially College Hoops where I have DOMINATED

 I have continued to hold up against the best in the unpredictable NBA and my NBA Totals are the best in the business.

 I have not had a losing football season in 10 years.

 I am a proven winner and I will make sure all of my clients are winning as well.

 I have 10 years of winning on my side. 

Rating System


I release multiple plays every single day and they are all rated differently. Obviously, whatever my top rated play for the day is, that should be your top wager. Here are my ratings:

- 3000* Plays -  
Highest Rated Featured Releases

- 2500* Plays -
Top Rated Releases Often Will be Featured Plays

- 2000* Plays -
Very Strong Moves

- 1500* Plays -
Above Average Releases

- 1000* Plays -  
Average Releases

- 500* Plays -
Add on Plays 

100* is the Free Play Rating

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