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Dan  Stuart

 Friday, November 25, 2022 
 100 DIME NBA 
 Purchase by 8:00 PM EST 
 Must Win or Tomorrow is FREE 
 50 Dime Bonus Play Included 

Today's Lineup


@ DanSportStuart

I will post free picks & offers frequently


Purchase by 8:00 PM EST
Only 29 Dollars

45-22-2 ON 300 DIME PLAYS


Today is a post turkey recovery day that will make us bounce back. I am keeping things easy with a 100 dime NBA release and a 50 dime bonus.

We are still crushing the NBA it just has not went our way on the big ones which hurts but does not stop us.


Nothing matters except PROFIT

No emotion, all business, we will make money


284-222-3 +7,933 Dimes
(Through November 8th)



0-1 Wednesday lost 550 as the Mavs lost

0-1-1 Tuesday lost 115 dimes as the Nets lost and Lakers pushed

2-0 Monday won 150 dimes as the Bulls and Cavs won

2-0 Sunday won 150 dimes as the Suns and Under on Knicks / Suns won

2-0 Saturday won 150 dimes as the Over on Jazz and Trailblazers and Timberwolves won

0-1 Friday lost 330 dimes as the Suns lost

2-0 Thursday won 150 dimes as the Nets and Over on Kings / Spurs won


10-4 Week of October 31st, +1425 Dimes
7-4 Week of October 24th, -25 Dimes
7-3 Week of October 17th, +705 Dimes
5-11 Week of October 10th, -165 Dimes
8-5-1 Week of October 3rd, +245 Dimes
2-5-1 Week of September 26th, -1,060 Dimes
9-5 Week of September 19th, +20 Dimes
8-4 Week of September 12th, -275 Dimes
6-5 Week of September 5th, +130 Dimes
6-6-1 Week of August 29th, -120 Dimes
5-8 Week of August 22nd, +145 Dimes
9-3 Week of August 8th, +375 Dimes
5-4 Week of August 1st, -255 Dimes
0-6 Week of July 25th, -445 Dimes
4-5 Week of July 18th, +105 Dimes
5-4 Week of July 11th,+715 Dimes
2-6 Week of July 4th, -295 Dimes
7-4-1 Week of June 27th,+170 Dimes
4-5 Week of June 20th, -145 Dimes
6-1-1 Week of June 13th, +300 Dimes
6-4 Week of June 6th, +120 Dimes
6-3 Week of May 30th, -160 Dimes
6-8 Week of May 23rd, -240 Dimes
 7-3-1 Week of May 16th, +300 Dimes
5-9 Week May 9th, -490 Dimes
8-6 Week of May 2nd, +283 Dimes
8-6 Week of April 25th, +105 Dimes
7-3 Week of April 18th, +705 Dimes
6-8 Week of April 11th, +105 Dimes
8-4 Week of April 4th, +100 Dimes
6-5 Week of March 28th, +135 Dimes
8-6 Week of March 21st, +820 Dimes
8-4 Week of March 14th, -165 Dimes
4-7 Week of March 7th, -275 Dimes
7-6-1 Week of February 28th, +270 Dimes
6-6 Week of February 21st, -5 Dimes
6-7 Week of February 14th, +150 Dimes
8-3 Week of February 7th, +660 Dimes
8-3 Week of January 31st, -20 Dimes
12-2 Week of January 24th, +1835 Dimes
8-6 Week of January 17th, +785 Dimes
5-7 Week of January 10th, +190 Dimes
8-4 Week of January 3rd, +395 Dimes
7-6 Week of December 27th, +205 Dimes
8-4 Week of December 20th, +15 Dimes


33-27-1 in NFL -645 Dimes

169-130-3 in NBA +4,685 Dimes

19-6 in CBB +1,650 Dimes

66-66-4 in MLB -45 Dimes

12-7-1in CFB -290 Dimes

Handicapper Biography

 My name is Dan Stuart and I have been in this business for more than 7 years constantly growing my brand by consistently winning and doing things the right way. 

I am out of New York City but I am basically in Atlantic City every weekend meeting clients and gambling on games.

I worked on Wall Street for a few years but to be honest, the shirt and tie, the 9-5, the subway riding, it just was not for me.

I got into gambling right around the time I began on Wall Street which is when I was 20. If you want to see some outright degenerates, the guys on Wall Street are out of their minds. My bosses would actually get mad at me when I won each week and they were paying their bookie. They began asking me for advice on games and a light went off in my head. That is how I began selling my picks.

Folks, anyone can throw out big releases on a website every single day in the hopes of making sales. I do not do that. I keep things simple, with a solid rating system that is easy to follow and then when a game jumps off the page, I will use it in a big way. Every game I release, I will have my own money bet so that tells you how serious I take this.

I am 27 years old and I always loved the business of gambling. Yes, I am young but do not let that scare you off because I feel I am wise beyond my years. I am an old soul at heart. Besides, age is just a number. 

I was on another website for the past 2 years and I literally did nothing but win. I started gambling on games when I was 20 and I have made a nice living for myself. That only happens with winning. I feel I bring a new age approach to sports wagering as I am constantly scouring all avenues of information. I specialize in Football and Basketball and I will dabble with Baseball but the main sports I focus on are Football and Hoops.

I am so happy to be on this website with the professional group of longtime handicappers here and the customer service staff which I learned is second to none. Give me a chance and I will give you my best

Rating System

I believe simple is better as there is no need to complicate any of this. From my experience, the thing that confuses customers the most when they follow Internet Handicappers is the rating system and how to play it within the confines of what they actually wager. So here is the system I use


These will be my bonus plays on the day. So If I release a card with a higher rated play, I use this rating for the bonus plays


These will be my average plays throughout the week. I use this rating system the most during the year


I use this rating 1 to 2 times a week on what I feel is a very strong release. Obviously take your average wager and double it.


These are my best bets and are accompanied by a guarantee if I happen to lose. Maybe I have 4 or 5 of these a month depending on what information I have uncovered. 

As for your own finances, if you are an average 200 Dollar player, bet that on my 100 dime releases. Double it on my 200 Dime Releases and then triple it on my 300 Dime plays.

It is as simple as that

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