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Gary  Reddick

 Sunday, May 15, 2022 
 10,000 UNIT NBA 
 Dallas at Phoenix 
 Must Win or Next Day is FREE 
 86 Out of 130 Winning Days 

Today's Lineup

10,000 UNIT NBA

Purchase by 8:00 PM EST

Only Costs 29 Dollars
(85 Out of 129 Winning Days)

Must Win 10,000 Unit Release
or Next  Day is

Rolling folks, rolling. Friday night we hit another NBA Playoff release as Under Memphis / Golden State was a no-doubter.

Came back with a 2-0 sweep Saturday that won 20,000 Dimes as the White Sox were the underdog shocker I said they would be. 

Back with NBA Playoff action today and I have Game 7 between Dallas and Phoenix along with a 5,000 Unit Bonus Move

 I must win the top play today or you get the next day FREE.

Get all of this action for just 29 Dollars

I have won 26 of the last 39 days that I have released games.

I have been as consistent as it gets having won 85 of the last 129 days and we will continue our run today


2-0 Saturday won 20,000 Units as the White Sox and Under Angels / Oakland Game 1 won

2-1  Friday won 15,000 Units as Under Memphis / Golden State won while the Cardinals lost. Our series bet on the Golden State Warriors comes in

3-0 Thursday won 26,500 Units as Under Suns / Dallas and the Yankees +130 won. Our series bet on the Miami Heat comes in.

1-1 Wednesday won 4,500 Units as Milwaukee won while Under Warriors / Grizzlies lost

1-1 Tuesday won 4,500 Units as Miami won while Dallas lost

1-1 Monday won 4,500 Units as Boston won while Over Warriors / Grizzlies lost

1-1 Sunday lost 6,000 Units as Phoenix lost while Over Sixers / Heat won

1-0 Saturday Won 10,000 Units as Under 212 Celtics vs Bucks Won


Week of May 2nd, 5-6, -9,500 Units
Week of April 25th, 6-5, +26,000 Units
Week of April 18th, 9-4, +26,000 Units
Week of April 11th, 4-7, -41,500 Units
Week of April 4th, 7-4-1, +43,000 Units
Week of March 28th, 5-8, -16,500 Units
 Week of March 21st, 5-10, -58,500 Units
Week of March 14th, 6-7, -26,500 Units
Week of March 7th, 6-6, +19,500 Units
Week of February 28th, 3-7-1, -46,500 Units
Week of February 21st, 8-2 +69,000 Units
Week of February 14th, 7-3,+53,000 Units
Week of February 7th, 6-6-1, +3,000 Units
Week of January 31st, 8-7, +13,500 Units
Week of January 24th, 9-4, +26,500 Units
Week of January 17th, 6-7 -21,000 Units
Week of January 10th, 9-4 +47,000 Units
Week of January 3rd, 7-7-1, -16,000 Units
Week of December 27th, 9-4, +36,000 Units
Week of December 20th, 6-5, +11,500 Units


119-98-4, +110,000 Units Units

Handicapper Biography

Hello all, my name is Gary Reddick and let me flat out tell you why I am a person you need to take seriously on this site. The biggest key to winning at gambling, and winning at life, is overcoming adversity. If you cannot do that, you cannot be successful because you have to be able to clear your mind and move on to the next moment if something does not go according to plan.

I am 25 years old but I am wise and experienced beyond my years due to my life experiences from a very early age. I grew up without much contact from my father, if any at all. It was really just my mother and I. 

Unfortunately my mom passed away in the summer of 2020. I cared for her for the 2 years she was sick, without much help from anyone else and the thing about life is, the bills that come in do not stop coming because a family member is sick. 

When your back is up against the wall and you need to make money, you fall back on what you know. This brings me to my knowledge of sports. Ever since I was a little kid all I wanted to do was be involved with sports in some way, shape or form.

I played Football, Basketball and Baseball in High School and had a Scholarship to play Basketball in College but my mom getting sick was the reason I could not accept it. I needed to be there to care for her.

When I needed to pay the bills my mom could no longer pay, I gambled on sports. It may sound irresponsible to some but to me, I knew what I was doing and I knew I could turn a profit. Which I did.

After my mom passed, I knew I was not going to go back to school and I knew I did not want to work in Corporate America. My girlfriend does that and she always tells me how much it sucks.

So I researched handicapping websites and got involved with one. I won at a very high percentage and constantly turned profits. I felt I needed to be on a bigger website so I reached out to a few and responded. After sending them my games for the last half year, they offered me the position.

Folks, you all know the saying, a wounded animal is very dangerous. I am not a wounded animal but my back has been up against the wall since I was a little kid. I have fought off the wall and will continue to fight off the wall. I will give you my very best because I have no choice and I can handle adversity better than most.

This is why you should be excited about joining me.

Rating System

Very simple to follow and I know the handicappers at this site never exceed what they have as their rating system. That is something I absolutely loved about this site because I hate when guys out there use crazy ratings to push a game. That is not my style.


These will be my Free Releases


These will be my bonus plays


These will be my average, every day wagers


These will be my Featured Best Bets here at the site.

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