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Tony  Milano

 Friday, November 25, 2022 
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23 out of 30 - Of course over here we’re doing something right of late. Right back on track with the Patriots and Vikings over hitting with ease. Folks, I don’t have much else to add here, I came back strong for you after two subpar days - made you your money back and then some. 

 There’s something special going on over here. At this point I don’t have much to say. For the non believers, I pity your hesitation and reluctance. I won’t beg you to get involved, I won’t beg you to make money. But I do still want to help you, I want to win for you. Acknowledge it, and take advantage of it.

We have been unconscious on our plays over the past few weeks. A long weekend is ahead filled with football, rivalries, and plenty of opportunities to make money. The rivalry between me and the bookmakers has been anything but lately. We’re gonna get after it in college football today, be ready to pounce.

 - Tony


Friday 1-0 +250 Dimes over 44.5 Tulane and Cincinnati hits

Thursday 1-0 +250 Dimes Over 42 Patriots and Vikings hits

Wednesday 0-1 -110 Dimes 

Tuesday 0-1 -110 Dimes Over 44.5 Ball St / Miami Ohio does not hit

Monday 1-0 +100 Dimes over 223 Jazz and Clippers hits

Sunday 1-0 +500 Dimes Cincinnati -4 over Pittsburgh 

Saturday 2-0 +500 Dimes  over 62.5 Ohio State & Maryland hits, Oregon +2.5 over Utah hits

Friday -110 Dimes 0-1 Loyola Chicago does not cover -1.5 Over Boise 

Thursday 1-0 +100 Dimes Titans and Packers over 41 hits

Wednesday 1-0 +100 Dimes Miami Ohio +1.5 hits over Northern Illinois 

Tuesday 1-0 +100 Dimes Ohio -3.5 Over Ball St hits

Monday 1-0 +100 Dimes over 44.5 Commanders and Eagles hits

Sunday 1-0 +250 Dimes Packers +4 over Cowboys hits

Saturday 3-0 +750 Dimes Purdue +6.5 Over Illinois hits, Over 46.5 Texas St & South Alabama hits, Over 52.5 Georgia and Mississippi St

Friday 1-0 +100 Dimes Over 51.5 East Carolina and Cincinnati 

Thursday 1-1 +140 Dimes Carolina hits +2.5 over Atlanta, D’Onta Foreman O6.5 Receiving Yards does not hit

Wednesday 0-1 Buffalo +1 -110 Dimes Does not hit over CMU

Tuesday 0-1 -110 Dimes Over 50.5 Ball St and Toledo does not hit

Monday 1-0 +100 Dimes under 234.5 Kings and Warriors hits 

Sunday -550 Dimes 0-1 Over Rams Bucs does not hit

Saturday 2-0 +500 Dimes Over 44.5 Michigan and Rutgers Hits, Texas -2.5 Over Kansas St Hits

Friday 1-0 +100 Dimes O47.5 Duke and Boston College Hits

Thursday 1-0 +100 Dimes Texans +14 hits over Eagles

Wednesday 0-1 -110 Dimes Over 47.5 Western Michigan & Bowling Green does not hit

Tuesday 2-0 +200 Dimes U62.5 Ball St and Kent St hits, Ohio +3 over Buffalo hits

Monday 1-0 +250 Dimes Jazz +4 over Grizzlies hits


34-30-1 NFL +240 Dimes

35-23 CFB +2,570 Dimes

 74-43-7 CBB +3655 Dimes

56-46 NBA +505 Dimes

 100-95-5 MLB +683 Dimes

Handicapper Biography

My name is Tony Milano and I have been in the sports handicapping business for over 20 years now. Before I was in this business though, I had spent 7 years in D1 College Football and let me tell you exactly what that taught me.

It is not what you know, it is who you know.

Nothing could also be more true of the sports handicapping business. Anyone in the world can look at stats and trends, lines and injuries, weather and match-ups and then determine who they feel will win a game. There is no skill in that. The skill is actually winning. 

Knowing people in the right places helps with the winning part.

I am big on information and how that pertains to the game in question. My expertise is in football but I also love Basketball as well. I feel those are the 2 easiest sports to make money in for a fair price.

Anyone can lay -350 in Baseball with an elite pitcher on an elite team. You do not need me for that.

When you come on board, you get 20 years of handicapping experience along with 7 years of D1 Football experience. Put the 2 together and the winners come.

So come on board right now and allow me to do my job for you. I feel you will be quite happy with the results.

Rating System

Please folks, do not ever wager more than you can afford to lose and use this system as a general guideline. That is why it is here


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The best and highest rated plays I offer. Will be guaranteed by extra days of service.

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