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Tony  Milano

 Monday, May 16, 2022 
 This Season 7-3 MLB +970 Dimes 
 Purchase by 6:30 PM EST 
 Must Win or Tomorrow is Free 

Today's Lineup

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Purchase by 6:30 PM EST
Must Win or Tomorrow is FREE

We ended a Wonderfully Successful College basketball season closing the season with a 62.5% winning percentage. We had a fantastic run to close the season and I am so happy reading the messages and thank yous from everyone who made so much money with my plays and information.

Now on to the task at hand...

Yesterday was brutal. No Excuses. We are on to Monday. Today we are making everything back on two MLB Sharp Plays.

Theres no pitch. I owe you, but my word is my bond. We are right back in the batters box. Unafraid and ready to win. 

Buy now.

And remember…
If you want to win today, if you need to win today, you’re already in the right place.

- Tony

Just follow my lead...



Sunday 0-3 -495 Dimes Bucks/Celtics, Bucks +5, Greyson Allen Prop does not hit. 

Saturday 0-1 -110 Dimes Over Cleveland Guardians at Minnesota Twins Does not hit. 

Friday 0-1 -275 Dimes Celtics/Bucks did not go over

Thursday 1-1 -60 Dimes Free Play Over 16.5 Points Rebounds Assistst Max Strus Hits, Over 8 Runs Reds Pirates does not hit

Wednesday 1-0 +100 Dimes Mets/Nationals O8 Runs Hits 

Tuesday 0-1 -110 Dimes Over 209.5 76ers Heat does not hit

Monday 1-0 +100 Dimes  O212 Celtics/Bucks Hits

Sunday 1-0 +250 Dimes O7 LA Dodgers/Chicago Cubs hits

Saturday 2-0 +500 Dimes O7 Giants/Cardinals hits, O225.5 Memphis/Golden State hits.

Friday 0-1 -275 Dimes O106.5 1H Suns/Mavs did not hit

Thursday 1-0 +250 Dimes Over 8 Runs Mets & Phillies hits

Wednesday 1-0 +250 Dimes Over 215 Dallas/Phoenix hits

Tuesday 1-0 +100 Dimes 1H Over 104.5 Mil/Bos hits

Monday 1-0 +100 Dimes 1H Over 110 Hits in Dal/Phx game

Sunday 1-1 -25 Dimes Phillies/Mets Over Hits, Under GSW/Memphis does not Hit


8-10-1 NFL -1645 Dimes

5-7 CFB -260 Dimes

 74-42-7 CBB +3475 Dimes

44-34 NBA + 380 Dimes

7-3 MLB +970 Dimes

Handicapper Biography

My name is Tony Milano and I have been in the sports handicapping business for over 20 years now. Before I was in this business though, I had spent 7 years in D1 College Football and let me tell you exactly what that taught me.

It is not what you know, it is who you know.

Nothing could also be more true of the sports handicapping business. Anyone in the world can look at stats and trends, lines and injuries, weather and match-ups and then determine who they feel will win a game. There is no skill in that. The skill is actually winning. 

Knowing people in the right places helps with the winning part.

I am big on information and how that pertains to the game in question. My expertise is in football but I also love Basketball as well. I feel those are the 2 easiest sports to make money in for a fair price.

Anyone can lay -350 in Baseball with an elite pitcher on an elite team. You do not need me for that.

When you come on board, you get 20 years of handicapping experience along with 7 years of D1 Football experience. Put the 2 together and the winners come.

So come on board right now and allow me to do my job for you. I feel you will be quite happy with the results.

Rating System

Please folks, do not ever wager more than you can afford to lose and use this system as a general guideline. That is why it is here


Bonus wagers


Average every day wagers


Above average wagers


The best and highest rated plays I offer. Will be guaranteed by extra days of service.

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