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Richie  Howser

 Sunday, October 21, 2018 
 Cincinnati at Kansas City 
 24-5 Last 29 Top Rated Must Win Games 

Today's Lineup

(Must Win or 3 Days Free)

Cincinnati at Kansas City

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4-1 in NBA This Season +24.5K
I went 94-40-3 in NBA Last Season +423K

More Big Action Goes Today. 10K Must Win NFL Play Available along with Two 5K BONUS Moves. The cost is just 29 dollars.

106-55-4 over my last 164 plays with 58 top rated winners.

1-2 Saturday as we have a weird day. We won the top play on Arkansas but we lose the lower plays on Tennessee and the Wizards so we lost 1K on the day despite winning the top play.

1-1 Friday but we lose 6K as Colorado State does not cover while Charlotte was easy in the NBA.

2-0 Thursday wins 15K as Denver was easy and the Miami Heat +5.5 beat Washington outright.

1-1 Wednesday wins 2.5K. The Knicks were the top play winner but Houston -150 was a tough loser in Game 4.

2-0 Tuesday wins 15.75K as OKC was a top play winner and Boston +115 came through.

Guys, every 10K play I release is backed by a 3 day guarantee. That is how I put my money where my mouth is. 

 I Have Delivered


10K Winner October 20th on Arkansas -7
 10K Loser October 19th on Colorado State +24
10K Winner October 18th on Broncos -1
10K Winner October 17th on NY Knicks -3.5
10K Winner October 16th on OKC +13
10K Loser October 15th on Green Bay -9
10K Winner October 14th on Kansas City +3.5
10K Winner October 13th on Houston -16
10K Winner October 12th on Air Force

15K Winner October 11th Philadelphia -1

10K Winner October 9th on Appalachian State
10K Winner October 8th on Over Washington / New Orleans
10K Winner October 7th on Seattle
10K Winner October 6th on Pittsburgh
10K Loser October 5th on Marshall
10K Winner October 4th on New England
10K Loser October 3rd Under 8.5 Oakland / NY Yankees
10K Winner October 2nd Under Colorado / Chicago
10K Winner October 1st  Under Kansas City / Denver
10K Winner Sept 30th on Baltimore

15K Winner Sept 29 on Notre Dame 10K

10K Winner Sept 28th  on Colorado
10K Winner Sept 27th on Over UNC / Miami
10K Winner Sept 26th on Milwaukee
10K Loser Sept 25th on Oakland (Unlucky)
10K Winner Sept 24th  on Over Pittsburgh / Tampa Bay
10K Winner Sept 23rd on New Orleans
10K Winner Sept 22nd on Stanford (Lucky)
10K Winner Sept 21 on Atlanta Braves
10K Winner Sept 20 on Atlanta Braves

62-26-1 Last 48 Days of Action
187-108-4 Last 161 Days of Action
566-343-13 Last 476 Days of Action

157-60-1 LAST 218 TOP RATED 10K PLAYS

54 Out of 76 Winning Days
87 Out of 123 Winning Days
221 Out of 337 Winning Days
272 Out of 414 Winning Days

44-20-1 2018-2019 Football Season
6 Out of 7 Winning Football Weeks
+210K of Profit

59-40-2 for 2017-2018 Football Season
15 out of 22 Winning Football Weeks
+128K of Profit

83-57-2 for 2016-2017 Football Season
16 out of 22 Winning Football Weeks
+85.5K of Profit

129-81 MLB 2017 Record 
116-89-1 MLB 2018 Record


10K PLAYS ARE 221-96-3


20K PLAYS ARE 14-14-1


I am 4-1 This Season +24.5K

I went 94-40-3 in NBA Last Season +423K
I went 82-43-3 During 2016-2017 NBA Season

I am 48-31-2 in College Hoops This Past Season +66K
I went 39-26-4 in College Hoops Two Seasons Ago

Look at all my records and show me another handicapper at my level. I have won consistently and will continue to win consistently. Come on board right now 

Handicapper Biography
 In 2001 after graduating #1 in his class he also earned the honors of an All-American Football player for a division 1 football program. Richie was also was chosen to represent his University at the NCAA National Leadership Foundation for gifted Athletes.

 Unfortunately a injury ended his athletic career and he was left with a education in sports and life that would lead to his involvement in analyzing sports.

 "I was never the most physically gifted but I was gifted with the mental aspect which included breaking down game film and figuring out my opponents weakness."

 In 2003 Richie headed a Web Development company and also started a large sports forum in which he is still the CEO.

 "I found my passion as kid with sports and now I am able to apply all of my resources along with my love for sports to another level."

 Realizing he did not have to smash 350lb lineman nor tackle 210lb backs to be able to make a living, he has developed a reputation for uncovering mismatches in the odds maker lines.

 "I have proved myself over the last 10 years as being one of the most talented sports minds in the Handicapping business."

 His resources extend from Pro Athletes, Sports Analysts and Coaches. They also include all the relationships he has formed from the forums.

 Local sports forums are still a great place to get solid information and if you add Richies resources into the equation, you have a huge recipe for success. 

Rating System


 This should be very simple to follow but you also must have your own patience and discipline to make it work.

 I understand you will like to play your own games from time to time and that is more then fine. Just keep a separate account for my stuff and you will find success.

 My average play will be a 5K Release. Whatever you have determined your average wager to be, that is what I recommend putting on these releases.

 My 5K Plays are the plays you will see most often released.

 From time to time, maybe a grand total of 10-15 times per year, I will have a 10K Release. I am 44-22 on 10K Plays the past 61 Months

 Obviously, take your average wager and simply double it for this type of play. I know that sometimes sounds scary but I do not feel stepping out, maybe 1 time per month, is all that bad.


 Very Rare. Very Successful.

 This would be my 20K Plays and over my entire time at this website I have released just 16 of these plays with an overall record of 11-5.

 Again, simply take your average wager and instead of doubling it, you now quadruple it on these releases.

 Follow this overall system and you will have success.


 Always rated at 1K. They are there just for you to get a feel for me but please, win or lose, do not judge me on what I release for free. I want to be judged on my Premium Plays. Plain and simple

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