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Brandon  Lovell

 Wednesday, May 12, 2021 
 30* MLB / NBA 
 Purchase by 7:00 PM EST 
 Must Produce a Winning Day or Thursday is FREE 
 2 NBA Plays and 1 MLB Move 

Today's Lineup


Purchase by 7:00 PM EST
(Must Win or Tomorrow is FREE)

Only Costs 34 Dollars

22-16-1 Last 37 Plays

Hello folks, Brandon Lovell here and we started this week with a nice 2-0 sweep on Monday but we suffer a tough 0-2 Tuesday which loses 78.5 so we need to bounce back today.

I have Three 30* Releases and I must produce a profit or tomorrow is free.

Get this action for just 34 Dollars. 

Purchase by 7:00 PM EST

23-11-2 on Blank Check Games

I am 281-202-7 +1,256.5* since coming back from the pandemic on July 23rd, 2020. In that time I am 4-3-1 on Blank Check Games. Those are not counted in the star rating because there is no way to quantify them.
 We are also 1-0 with Must Win or Full Refund Plays

447-328-12 Over my Last 787 Plays
609-421-14 Over my Last 1,044 Plays

 279-141-5 With Top Rated Plays

I closed the 2020 MLB Season by going 20-11 over my last 31 Postseason Plays


0-2 Tuesday lost 78.5*

2-0 Monday Wins 40*

1-1 Sunday Lost 20*

1-1 Saturday Lost 20*

2-0 Friday Won 40*

0-2 Thursday Lost 43*

1-1 Wednesday Won 17.5*

0-2 Tuesday Lost 43*

1-0 Monday Won 20*

131-116-3, +47.5*
2-2 on Blank Check Games

YEARLY PROFIT IN 2020 +3,164*
5-3-1 on Blank Check Games


52-28-2 Last 82 Featured Plays

23-11-2 on Highest Rated
Blank Check Games

20-12 on MLB Plays 2021

61-38-4 on NBA Plays 2021

21-19-3 on NFL Plays 2020
31-23-1 on NFL Plays 2019

37-17-1 on CFB Plays 2020
33-21-1 on CFB Plays 2019

37-28 on MLB Releases in 2020
21-15 Overall on MLB Playoff Moves

157-86-2 on MLB Releases in 2019
110-44 on MLB 30* Releases in 2019
13-3 on MLB 30* Playoff Moves

61-44-2 on NBA Plays 2019-2020
57-43-1 on NBA Plays 2018-19

92-77-2 on College Hoops Plays 2020-21
71-56-3 on College Hoops Plays 2019-20

Handicapper Biography

"Lovell the Bet"

Winning Consistently
Winning Big Plays
Winning you Money

This is what I demand from myself. This is my entire philosophy and the reason why I have excelled with such a stellar reputation. My clients who have been with me the last 16 years know that I deliver winners, and more importantly I am a man of my word. 

For those of you that may not know me, I will give you a brief synopsis about me and how I have made it to this point. My father, who has since then past, was a football coach that not only taught me how to play the game but also how to compare teams with different styles, strengths and weaknesses. This has really enhanced my NFL and College Football handicapping skills.

More Importantly, I also double as a research assistance for a Las Vegas odds maker, a position I have held since 2001. That is no typo, I have had this job for almost 20 years now Each and every day I give him a detailed report of trends, analysis and general research on everything from individual teams, players, coaches, weather and match ups. This process, combined with the knowledge my father instilled in me that has made me one of the best handicappers out there.

After two years of being a research assistant, I launched my very own sports handicapping service during march madness of 2003. My skills since then have fined tuned making me one of the most successful individuals in the industry

But it is not just my picks that set me apart from the rest of those service guys. It was my loyalty to you, my clients.

The difference between me and them

I will never, ever....
hype just to makes some sales. The truth is they, the other guy, will. If they have not met sales expectations that week, you can bet your bottom dollar they will hype any play.

I will never, ever...
release a play that I do not feel is strong. I really believe that others get so caught up in sales, they lose the most important issue, making you money. Every time I release a play, I expect to win. We know that is impossible but that is my mentality

I will always...
Guarantee a winning day each and every day. If I happen to lose, you get the next day absolutely free. There are no exceptions to this rule.

I will always....
Put you guys first. I am open to any suggestions, any concerns, any comments that you have. My clients who have been with me for a long period of time know that I really do care about them winning. It is my job. And I do my job very well

Rating System

My Ratings are Simple:

If I do not really like a play, I am not going to force the issue: I believe playing less plays is more. So I will not have plays every day. Please understand that going in

10* = Bonus Plays
20* = Double Your Wagers
30* = Triple Your Wagers
40* = Quadruple Your Wagers

So, to put quantify this, if your average wager is 100 dollars, you can risk that on my 10* plays as those are my average, every day plays. Then just follow the ratings accordingly. 40* would equal 400 dollars with this format.

The Two Highest Ratings I have are my 50* Plays and my Blank Check Plays. 

Both will be backed by multiple days of free service and both are rare but of the 2, the Blank Check Games are the most special.

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