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Mike  Stone

 Thursday, May 13, 2021 
 Purchase by 7:00 EST 
 500,000 Unit Nets beat Spurs 
 107-85-2 in 500,000 unit Plays 

Today's Lineup

Purchase by 7:00 PM EST


4-0 Sweep Yesterday

4 Total Plays Today

Mike Stone here and today I have 4 plays available highlighted by a 500,000 unit release in the NBA.

4-0 on Wednesday and 500,000 unit Nets beat the Spurs. Tuesday 400,000 unit Knicks covered against the Lakers. Monday 400,000 unit Flyers beat the Devils. 4-0 Sweep Saturday and 400,000 unit Yankees beat the Nationals. Thursday 350,000 unit Bulls beat the Hornets. Lets have another big day.

53-45 Last 98 - 500,000 Unit Plays
87-66 Last 153 - 500,000 Unit Plays
107-85-2 Last 194 - 500,000 Unit Plays

102 Out of 197 Winning Days


500,000 unit Nets beat Spurs
500,000 unit Jazz beat Spurs
500,000 unit Hawks beat Bulls
500,000 unit Knicks beat Bulls
500,000 Unit Reds beat Indians
500,000 Unit Giants beat Reds
500,000 Unit Suns beat Jazz
500,000 Unit Gonzaga beats USC
500,000 Unit Baylor beats Arkansas
500,000 Unit Baylor beats Villanova
500,000 Unit UCLA beats Abilene Christian
500,000 Unit Over Baylor/Wisconsin wins
500,000 Unit Over St. Marys/Western KY wins
500,000 Unit St Johns beats Providence
500,000 Unit Over Michigan/Ohio State wins
500,000 Unit Over Panthers/Red Wings wins
500,000 Unit Villanova kills Marquette
500,000 Unit Over Baylor/Kansas State wins
500,000 Unit Memphis beats SMU
500,000 Unit Oklahoma State kills Iowa State


Purchase by 7:00 PM EST

500,000 Unit Nets beat Spurs

87-66 Last 153 - 500,000 Unit Plays

 Just 29 Bucks

12-3 on Thursday NFL Games

155 Out of 288 Winning Days
187 out of 341 Winning Days

1830-1429-47 Overall Record on This Site

24-13 on Top Rated Soccer Plays


500,000 unit Nets beat Spurs May 12th

400,000 unit Knicks cover Lakers May 11th

400,000 unit Flyers beat Devils May 10th

400,000 unit Yankees beat National May 8th

350,000 unit Bulls beat Hornets May 6th

500,000 unit Jazz beat Spurs May 3rd

500,000 unit Hawks beat Bulls May 1st

500,000 unit Knicks beat Bulls April 28th

400,000 unit Over Islanders/Capitals hits April 24th

400,000 unit Astros beat Angels April 22nd

400,000 unit White Sox beat Indians April 20th

500,000 unit Reds beat Indians April 17th

400,000 unit Phillies beat Cardinals April 16th

400,000 unit Celtics beat Lakers April 15th

500,000 unit Giants beat Reds April 13th

350,000 unit Raptors beat Cavaliers April 10th

400,000 unit Mavs beat Bucks April 8th

500,000 unit Suns beat Jazz April 7th

400,000 unit Islanders beat Capitals April 6th

400,000 unit Heat beat Warriors April 1st

500,000 unit Gonzaga beats USC Mar 30th

500,000 unit Baylor beats Arkansas Mar 29th

500,000 unit Baylor beats Villanova Mar 27th

400,000 unit Lakers beat Cavaliers Mar 26th

500,000 unit UCLA beats Abilene Christian Mar 22nd

500,000 unit Over Baylor/Wisconsin hits Mar 21st

400,000 unit Houston beats Cleveland State Mar 19th

400,000 unit Arkansas beats Colgate Mar 19th

500,000 unit Over St Marys/Western Kentucky Mar 17th

350,000 unit Suns beat Grizzlies Mar 15th

400,000 unit Illinois beat Iowa Mar 13th

350,000 unit North Carolina beat Va Tech Mar 11th

400,000 unit Over Nevada/Colorado State hits Mar 5th

500,000 unit St Johns beats Providence Mar 3rd

350,000 unit Ole Miss beats Kentucky Mar 2nd

400,000 unit Michigan beats Iowa Feb 25th

400,000 unit Miss State beats South Carolina Feb 24th

500,000 unit Over Michigan/Ohio State hits Feb 21st

400,000 unit Over Michigan State/Indiana hits Feb 20th

500,000 unit Over Panthers/Red Wings hits Feb 19th

350,000 unit Knicks beat Hawks Feb 15th

400,000 unit Duke beats NC State Feb 13th

500,000 unit Villanova destroys Marquette Feb 10th

400,000 unit Louisville beats Georgia Tech Feb 1st

400,000 unit Ohio State beats Michigan State Jan 31st

350,000 unit Canadiens defeat Flames Jan 28th

500,000 unit Over Baylor/Kansas State hits Jan 27th

500,000 unit Memphis beats SMU Jan 26th

500,000 unit Oklahoma State beats Iowa State Jan 25th

400,000 unit Over Bucs/Packers hits Jan 24th

500,000 unit Missouri beats South Carolina Jan 19th

400,000 unit Over Kansas/Naylor hits Jan 18th

400,000 unit Jazz beat Hawks Jan 15th

500,000 unit Alabama beats Ohio State Jan 11th

400,000 unit Over Bucs/Washington Jan 9th

400,000 unit Rockets beat Magic Jan 8th

400,000 unit Michigan beats Minnesota Jan 6th

350,000 unit Over Raptors/Celtics hits Jan 4th

500,000 unit Over Falcons/Bucs hits Jan 3rd

400,000 unit Ole Miss beats Indiana Jan 2nd

Handicapper Biography

 My name is Mike Stone and I have been thrilled since the very first day I joined forces with 13 years ago. I get to work with the top handicappers in the business day in and day out. More importantly I get to win for my clients and folks, there is simply no better feeling in the world. 

  I am the former CEO of a major handicapping site and I brought my reputation and knowledge to the site that I think is the the best in the business. 

 My main goal has never changed. It is to be successful and make you money. 

 I have been handicapping professionally for over 16 years and finding the odds makers errors is my specialty. I will wager on any sport if I feel I have an advantage.

 The day I graduated college I set out to find a job in sports but as you know, that is not an easy thing to do, especially with the way the country was going back then. Unfortunately, finding a successful career is no easier today than it was back in 2005.

 I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. I did not want a boss breathing down my neck constantly. Sports wagering offered both of those things to me.

 It also offered the best way to make the most money. I work my ass off every single day. That is the only way to succeed

 Put me to work for you and I promise you, while I cannot win every game, I will win way more than I lose which will lead to you making some pretty good cash along the way.

Rating System


178-127-4 on 50,000 unit plays

264-229-13 on 100,000 unit plays

58-56-3 on 150,000 unit plays

40-22-3 in 200,000 unit plays

74-68-9 in 250,000 unit plays

134-102-6 in 300,000 unit plays

225-188-8 in 350,000 unit plays

377-343-10 in 400,000 unit plays

107-85-2 in 500,000 unit plays
 Absolute Top Wagers. The Best of the Best. Mainly will be featured plays. These are plays you simply do not want to miss. They will be rare so when you see them, jump on board


 Very solid wagers. These happen a little more often and will also be featured plays. Also should be played for a good amount as I am extremely confident in these releases.

The rest are as follows:

350,000 Unit - Bankroll Play
300,000 Unit - Bankroll Play
250,000 Unit -Bankroll Play
200,000 Unit Bankroll Play
150,000 Unit - Bankroll Play
50,000 Unit - Bankroll Play

2,500 Unit - Daily Bonus Releases

1,000 Unit -  Free Plays

Todays Free Picks
Date: 5/13/2021 12:00:00 AM Sport: MLB
Pick: Miami Marlins -120 Units: 1000
Notes: 2004-1652-55 in free plays
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