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David  Singh

 Friday, January 18, 2019 
 Purchase by 7:00 PM EST 
 Plus a 5 Unit CBB Play 
 16-2-1 Top Rated Play Recent Run 

Today's Lineup

 David Singh here and folks I want you to understand this. I win as consistently, or even more consistently than anyone in this business and I do it the right way.

No bragging, no non sense. Just humble, consistent winners.

We are on some run right now as we are 16-2-1 over our last 19 top rated releases after winning an easy one with Denver in the NBA last night. I also hot Michigan State as well in College Hoops. Today, I have a 10 Unit NBA Play along with a 5 Unit College Hoops Release. 

Get both plays for just 29 Dollars. 

23-14-2 LAST 39 RELEASES
16-2-1 Last 19 Top Rated Plays

10 Unit Winner on Nuggets -13.5 Thursday
10 Unit Winner on Pistons -4 Wednesday
10 Unit Push on Bulls +7 Tuesday
10 Unit Winner on Nets +2 Monday
10 Unit Loser on Saints -8 Sunday

15 Unit Loser on Dallas Cowboys +7 Saturday

10 Unit Winner on Portland Trailblazers -6 Friday
10 Unit Winner on Sacramento Kings -5 Thursday

10 Unit Winner on Milwaukee Bucks -1
10 Unit Winner Philadelphia 76ers -8 Tuesday
10 Unit Winner Clemson +5.5 Monday

15 Unit Winner Under Eagles / Bears Sunday
15 Unit Winner Under Colts / Texans Saturday

4-1 Last 5 - 15 Unit Plays

49-20-3 Run on 10 Unit Plays

57-36-3 Last 93 Plays Overall

60-25-4 Last 89 - 10 Unit Plays

16-12-1 in NFL For 2018 Season

16-5 in CFB For 2018-2019 Season

32-14-1 MLB Record Last 46 Plays

Handicapper Biography

 Hello everyone, my name is David Singh and I finished my Masters Degree in Applied Sciences in Engineering back in 2007. For my bachelors degree I graduated #2 in my class. 

 To afford paying for my education, I decided to wager on sports in my late teens because working extra shifts in a restaurant simply was not cutting it. 

 I decided to tinker with different mathematical methods when I first began. Some worked, some did not. But through the years I have developed a system that I know works and that is proven with my overall records.

 I have no problem admitting that this is not how I make my living. I have a normal job and one of my hobbies is flipping real estate. Many other handicappers, this is all they have so they force the issue every single day and that means you have to force the issue as well with your own money.


 I do not release plays every day. If you buy a long term package from me, you will receive 30 or 60 games but it will most likely not be over 30 or 60 days.

 I am very patient and I am very disciplined. I take this very seriously. I know I cannot win every single day, which is the main reason I do not release plays every day.

 Here it is in a nut shell:

 I will only release plays when my Mathematical tables all point to one particular game that I believe we have an edge with against the Vegas Point Spread or Money Line.

 That is why I win much more than I lose. Give me a chance. Follow me for a few months and I guarantee you will never look elsewhere for picks again.

Rating System


Not much complication here as I have 3 total ratings that I use so this should be very simple to follow:

5 Unit Daily Plays

Your run of the mill, every day releases. Play these games for your average dollar amount. These plays are designed to build your bankrolls for my bigger plays listed below.

Featured 10 and 15 Unit Plays

These are my biggest releases and will almost always be accompanied by 3 or 4 days of free service if I so happen to lose one of them.(Please Note, Only Featured Plays Are Guaranteed by Free Service)

My record on these plays is phenomenal as they win just about 70% of the time. Whatever your top wager might be, I would recommend risking it on these plays.

They do not come around often but when they do, they are a money maker so take advantage of them.

1 Unit Free Plays

These plays are just posted so you can get a feel for what I do. Please do not step out on free releases. They are are good but my premium plays are way above this level.

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