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Hey everyone, we began posting free picks and offers on Twitter around the end of 2021. We hope this is just another way we can reach all of you and help you to the best of our abilities so go check it out.



In 2022, 14 of the 15 handicappers at our website had a winning year with more than a few turning in some phenomenal years. Here are the top 5 handicappers are as follows. These are based on the individual handicappers rating systems:

#1 Rich Howser was the top rated handicapper here in 2020 and he did it again in 2022. His record was 344-264-11 and he won 577.25K of profit with all buy 17 of his plays being rated at 5 to 10K.  Rich is on a great 3 year run as he was #1 in 2020, #3 in 2021 and #1 again in 2022.

#2 Corey James joined our site in December of 2021 and he just turned in a great year as he went 270-211-8 which won 59,841* of profit. His NBA product has been as good as anything we have ever seen at this site and we are lucky to have Corey as a part of the team.

#3 Donald Tran had his 11th straight winning year with us as he went 295-247-110 good for +403,250 Dimes. That was with an average play of 10,000 Dimes. Last year he was #4 on this list and he moved it up to #3

#4 David Singh makes his return to the top 5 with a solid 2021. He went 257-221-6 which was good for 301.25 Units and most of his plays were 5 and 10 Unit plays. He had a very solid year with his top-rated plays as well

#5 Mike Jacobs was #2 in 2021 and fell to #4 in 2022 but that is still a very good 2 year run.  His numbers were 326-282-68in 2022 which won 382,000 Units. That was his 8th straight winning year

Honorable mention: Newcomer Dan Stuart put together a very good year at #6 and Paul Leiner came in under him at #7. 

Over the last 3 full years, we have had 2 handicappers produce a losing year. We are as good and as consistent as it comes and our customer service team is no doubt the best in the business.

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