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Corey James
Friday, September 22, 2023


88-59-3 RUN ON 2000* PLAYS
Only 29 Bucks

88-59-4 Run on Top-Rated
 2000* Must-Win Plays


Purchase by 10:30 PM EST

Only Costs 29 Dollars
(Must Win or Tomorrow is Free)

125-94-5 Last 222 Plays

Hello everyone, Corey James here and Tonight I have a Monster game that will do exactly what I want your bankroll to do and thats build. Starting tonight the weekend will be one to remember. I have a 500* CFB BLOWOUT GAME This 500* CFB play is just 29 dollars and I must win or tomorrow is free.

NBA Record 22-23 Season:
 126-73-4, 63.3%



 I have been on this site for 2 years and that is the second straight season that I have won 63% of my NBA Releases.


0-1 Thursday lost 500* as Giants couldnt cover the spread on the 49ers offensive dominance

 0-1 Wednesday lost 500* as Over on Tigers and Dodgers lands short

1-0 Tuesday won 500* as Over Cleveland / Kansas City won

1-0 Monday won 2000* as Under Saints / Panthers

0-0-1 Sunday breaks even as we had Under 48 Raiders / Bills

1-0 Saturday won 500* as the Over CSU-Colorado won

0-1 Friday lost 600* as the Rangers could not get it done

0-1 Wednesday lost 2200* as the Eagles released at -6.5 lost. Hopefully most of you push

+11,809* of Profit
(Through 9-22-23)

+59,041* of Profit
Plus a No-Rating Winner on 10/22


2-3-1 Week of September 11th, -2375*
5-4 Week of September 4th, +912*
4-6 Week of August 28th, -325*
5-5 Week of August 21st, -450*
4-4 Week of August 14th, +400*
3-6 Week of August 7th, -1063*
No Plays Week of July 31st
3-8 Week of July 24th, -3750*
5-7 Week of July 17th, -1,225*
4-2 Week of July 10th, +250*
6-5 Week of July 3rd, -1525*
2-3 Week of June 26th, -1075*
3-4 Week of June 19th, -2350*
4-4 Week of June 12th, +750*
3-4 Week of June 5th, +450*
5-2 Week of May 29th, +2750*
3-3 Week of May 22nd, -100*
5-2 Week of May 15th, -600*
4-2-1 Week of May 8th, +900*
3-5 Week of May 1st, -2750*
4-3 Week of April 24th, +2000*
4-4 Week of April 17th, -2000*
3-3 Week of April 10th, +1250*
3-2-1 Week of April 3rd, -1,400*
6-1 Week of March 27th, +8,450*
4-2 Week of March 20th, +5,750*
4-3 Week of March 13th, +3,350*
5-2 Week of March 6th, +2,100*
5-2 Week of February 27th, +6,900*
10-3-1 Week of February 20th, +4,050*
7-2 Week of February 13th, +1,050*
7-4 Week of February 6th, -2,015*
3-4 Week of January 30th, -1,050*
4-3 Week of January 23rd, -1,450*

4-3 Week of January 16th, +200*
4-3 Week of January 9th, +50*
2-4 Week of January 2nd, -5,150*
0-1 January 1st, -600*


1-0 Record on No-Rating Plays
3-1 Record on 5000* Plays
100-58-4 Record on 2000* Plays
0-1 Record on 1000* Plays
218-162-5 Record on 500* Plays
105-89-2 Record on 250* Plays

Hello everyone, my name is Corey James and I could not be more excited to FINALLY join forces with

I am 29 years old and my background is as follows. I graduated from Utica College with "high distinction" and I played both football and basketball growing up with an extreme passion for both. Obviously, as it happens to all of us at some point, my playing days were over but my passion for the two sports I love most was as strong as ever. Working a 9 to 5 job was not for me for when I got out of college however, it was a necessity. The bills needed to be paid

I actually got into gambling when I was around 23 as a goof to be honest. My friends and I would pick games in a pool we started for ourselves and I won that pool the first 2 years. In fact, I won it so easily the 2nd year that my friends decided to quit because they felt they had no chance to win.

I then began sending my picks to websites and was lucky enough to be hired by one, where I spent the past 3 years. Those were good people I worked for but I just felt I needed a different, bigger challenge on a site that has been around for almost 15 years, with a much larger following.

So, I began sending my picks to back in May. I won at a solid rate and they decided to offer me a job, which I excitedly decided to accept. So here I am.

I am all about opportunity in life. Hard work manufactures opportunity and great results follow. In this industry, like most industries, we are judged by results.

I promise to work as hard as I can to uncover the best opportunities to win that are out there in this business. My hard work, coupled with my knowledge of athletes will give us the advantage we need to make money, which is what it is all about.

Give me an opportunity and I will go to work for you. Most importantly, I will win for you

Really simple rating system to follow and folks, there will not be anything higher than what you see here. What is the sense of having a rating system if you are not going to follow it.

100* PLAYS

These Will be my Free Picks. Play accordingly. I release about 4 to 5 of these a week

250* PLAYS

Bonus plays with my daily releases

500* PLAYS

This will be my average release as it is the rating I will use the most throughout the year

1000* PLAYS

Very Strong Releases that I give out maybe 1 to 2 times a week.

2000* PLAYS

My Top Rating. These are my best bets, plain and simple. They will be accompanied with a guarantee on extra days of service if I happen to lose