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Daniel Forte
Friday, September 22, 2023

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Hey Guys, my name is Daniel Forte and it is an absolute pleasure to join forces with

For those of you who do not know me, I am the handicapper who won 283K on a 7 Leg Parlay.

Now I am selling my picks to the masses right here on a website that has been in business since 2008.

Big action is available this weekend starting tonight with three CL4 College Football Plays.


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Please read my rating system to understand how I do things.




2-1 Thursday on CL4 plays as the Braves run line and the Dodgers run line win while the Cubs lost

0-3 Wednesday on CL4 plays as the Cubs, Rays run line and Dodgers run line all lost

2-1 on CL4 plays as the Padres and Diamondbacks won while the Guardians lost

1-0 Monday on CL5 Play with the Saints bought down to -2.5


1-2 Sunday on CL4 plays as the Bucs win while the Charges and Bengals lost

2-1 Saturday on CL4 plays as North Carolina and Rutgers won while Oklahoma State lost

1-2 Friday on CL4 Plays as the Yankees win while the Cubs and Braves lost

0-1 Thursday on CL5 play as Memphis does not cover vs Navy

2-1 Wednesday on CL4 plays as Baltimore and Atlanta won while Arizona lost

2-1 Tuesday on CL4 plays as the White Sox won game 1 and Brewers hit. We lost the Astros money line

2-1 Monday on CL4 plays as the Brewers and Orioles won while Astros run line lost


0-1 Sunday with CL5 play was Washington (NFL) does not cover

2-1 Saturday on CL4 plays as Boise State and Liberty won while Miss State lost

 1-1 Friday on CL4 plays as the Dodgers won while the Reds lost

2-1 Thursday on CL4 plays as Braves -1.5 runs and Seattle wins while the Cubs lost

No Plays Wednesday

No Plays Tuesday

2-1 Monday on CL4 plays as the Cubs and Orioles won while the Rays lost


1-2 Sunday on CL4 plays as Texas won while Seattle and Houston lost

2-1 Saturday on CL4 Plays as UCLA (bought to -13.5) and Tulane won while Purdue (bought to -2.5) lost

 0-1 Friday on CL5 play as Texas lost

1-0 Thursday on CL4 Play as Connecticut covers

1-2 Wednesday on CL4 plays with Tampa Bay winning and Seattle -1.5 runs and Texas losing

2-0 Tuesday on CL4 plays as Philadelphia and Orioles -1.5 runs won. Seattle -1.5 runs goes to a no-action with the pitching change

 3-0 Monday on CL4 Plays as the Phillies, Braves -1.5 and Seattle -1.5 all won


2-1 Sunday on CL4 Plays as the White Sox and Astros won while Seattle run line lost

0-1 Saturday on CL5 play with New Mexico State

2-1 Friday on CL4 Plays as Seattle -1.5 Runs and the Phillies won while Toronto lost

2-1 Thursday on CL4 Plays as the Cubs and Diamondbacks won while the White Sox lost

1-1 Wednesday on CL4 plays as the Brewers won, Tampa Bay -1.5 runs lost and the Dodgers -1.5 runs got suspended

 2-1 Tuesday on CL4 plays as Houston and Philadelphia won while Braves run line was a tough defeat

 No Plays Monday


5-4 WITH CL5
55-37 WITH CL4
2-0 WITH CL3
Daniel Forte is a renowned professional sports handicapper with a keen insight into the world of sports betting. With a passion for sports and a deep understanding of statistical analysis, Daniel has made a significant impact in the industry. His journey to success began as a young sports enthusiast, honing his skills through years of studying team dynamics, player performances, and historical data.

 Throughout his career, Daniel has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify value bets and uncover hidden opportunities, setting him apart from the competition. His sharp predictions and consistent track record have earned him a devoted following of sports bettors who trust his expertise and rely on his advice to make informed wagers.

 Daniels groundbreaking moment came when he cashed out a jaw-ping 7-leg parlay, worth over 500k, showcased on ESPN. This achievement catapulted him to the forefront of sports handicapping, catching the attention of sports enthusiasts and media alike. As a sought-after analyst, he has been featured in various sports publications, podcasts, and television shows, where he shares his insights and strategies with a broader audience.

 Driven by a passion for helping others succeed in sports betting, Daniel frequently engages in educational initiatives, providing valuable tips and advice to aspiring bettors. His commitment to responsible gambling and ethical practices has made him a respected figure in the sports betting community.

 With an ever-expanding portfolio of successful predictions, Daniel Forte continues to make a significant impact in the sports handicapping world. Through dedication, expertise, and a genuine love for the game, he inspires countless individuals to elevate their sports betting experiences and achieve their own triumphs in the exciting world of sports gambling.


Certainly The Confidence Level (CL) in Daniel Fortes game rating system is a critical metric that provides users with valuable insights into how confident he is in each of his picks. This rating helps users understand the strength of his recommendation for a particular game or bet.

The Confidence Level is typically rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest level of confidence. Heres a breakdown of what each CL value signifies:

1. *CL 1 - Low Confidence*: When Daniel assigns a CL of 1 to a pick, it means he has relatively low confidence in the outcome. These picks are typically more speculative, and there might be various factors that make the game challenging to predict accurately. Users should approach these picks with caution and consider additional research before placing a significant bet.

2. *CL 2 - Moderate Confidence*: A CL of 2 indicates a moderate level of confidence in the pick. Daniel might have found some favorable indicators for the game, but there are also some uncertainties or variables that could affect the outcome. While there is potential for success, users should exercise prudence and consider the analysis provided before making their decision.

3. *CL 3 - Average Confidence*: CL 3 is assigned to picks where Daniel has a moderate level of confidence and believes there is a reasonable chance of success. These picks are based on solid analysis and a good understanding of the teams or players involved. Users may feel more comfortable considering these ions, but its still essential to do some additional research and exercise responsible betting.

4. *CL 4 - High Confidence*: A CL of 4 suggests that Daniel is quite confident in the picks success. He might have identified several strong indicators that make the game appear favorable for a specific outcome. Users can view these picks as more reliable and may be more willing to place larger bets, but they should still exercise proper bankroll management.

5. *CL 5 - Very High Confidence*: A CL of 5 is the highest level of confidence Daniel assigns to a pick. These ions are his most confident recommendations, based on extensive analysis and favorable conditions. Users can approach these picks with greater assurance, but its essential to remember that sports betting always carries some level of risk.

Its crucial for users to understand that no rating system can guarantee success in sports betting. The CL provided by Daniel Forte is an expression of his confidence in each pick based on his analysis and expertise. Users should use this information as a guide, combine it with their own research, and exercise responsible gambling practices to make informed betting decisions.