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Mike  Stone

 Sunday, June 4, 2023 
 Purchase by 8:00 PM EST 
 No Rating Heat beat Celtics Game 7 
 12-5 on No Rating Plays 

Today's Lineup

Purchase by 8:00 PM EST

4-0 Sweep Monday

Only Costs 34 Dollars

9-5 Run in Top NBA Playoff Picks

12-5 Record on No-Rating Plays

NO Rating Heat beat Celtics Game 7

 Today I have a 500,000 unit NBA winner on tap. Monday No Rating Heat beat Celtics Game 7. Sunday 400,000 unit Mariners beat Pirates. Friday 350,000 unit Blue Jays beat Twins. Wednesday 400,000 unit Panthers beat Hurricanes Game 4. Saturday 500,000 unit Over Nuggets/Lakers Game 3 hits. Friday 500,000 unit Over Heat/Celtics Game 2 hits.    

The price is just 34 dollars  

228-212-3 Last 443 - 500,000 Unit Plays
262- 233-3 Last 498 - 500,000 Unit Plays
283- 252-5 Last 540 -  500,000 Unit Plays

172 out of 332 Winning Days
202 Out of 378 Winning Days
268 out of 508 Winning Days
345 out of 644 Winning Days
580 Out of 1077 Winning Days

1373-1152-10 Run Last 634 Days

3386-2727-69 Overall Record on This Site 

24-13 on Top Rated Soccer Plays


7-10 on Thursday NFL Games This Season
11-5 on Thursday NFL Games Last Year
12-3 on Thursday NFL Games Two Years Ago
 Last football season was solid, especially in the NFL where we ended it with a 500,000 Unit winner on the Bengals +4 in the Super Bowl. That was off the 500,000 Unit winner on the 49ers +3.5 in the Conference Championship Game

On prime-time NFL Games this season I went 24-9 which is just under 73%. Overall I won 15 of the 22 total weeks in the NFL.

Purchase by 8:00 PM EST

 Just 34 Bucks

No Rating Heat beat Celtics Game 7



No Rating Heat beat Celtics Gm 7 May 29th

400,000 unit Mariners beat Pirates May 28th

350,000 unit Blue Jays beat Twins May 26th

400,000 unit Panthers beat Hurricanes Gm 4 May 24th

500,000 unit Over Nuggets / Lakers Gm 3 hits May 20th

500,000 unit Over Heat / Celtics Gm 2 hits May 19th

500,000 unit Lakers cover Nuggets Gm 2 May 18th

500,000 unit Heat beat Celtics Gm 1 May 17th

400,000 unit Over Nuggets / Lakers Gm 1 hits May 16th

500,000 unit Warriors beat Lakers Gm 5 May 10th

400,000 unit Stars beat Kraken Gm 4 May 9th

500,000 unit Suns beat Nuggets Gm 4 May 7th

500,000 unit Lakers beat Warriors Gm 3 May 6th

400,000 unit Rangers beat Devils Gm 6 Apr 29th

500,000 unit Celtics beat Hawks Gm 6 Apr 27th

500,000 unit Over Bucks / Heat Gm 5 hits Apr 26th

500,000 unit Warriors beat Kings Gm 3 Apr 20th

500,000 unit Yankees beat Angels Apr 19th

500,000 unit Over Bucks / Heat Gm 1 hits Apr 16th

400,000 unit Kings beat Warriors Gm 1 Apr 15th

No Rating Braves beat Royals Apr 14th

500,000 unit Flyers beat Blackhawks Apr 13th

400,000 unit Over Knicks / Pacers hits Apr 9th

400,000 unit Over Grizzlies / Bucks hits Apr 7th

400,000 unit Rangers beat Lightning Apr 5th

500,000 unit Over UConn / San Diego St hits Apr 3rd

400,000 unit Over Raptors / Hornets hits Apr 2nd

500,000 unit FAU covers San Diego State Apr 1st

500,000 unit Knicks beat Heat Mar 29th

350,000 unit Sixers cover Nuggets Mar 27th

500,000 unit UConn beats Arkansas Mar 23rd

400,000 unit Cavaliers beat Nets Mar 21st

350,000 unit Grizzlies beat Mavericks Mar 20th

500,000 unit UConn beats Saint Marys Mar 19th

350,000 unit Arizona State beats Nevada Mar 15th

500,000 unit Memphis beats Houston Mar 12th

No Rating VCU beats Saint Louis Mar 11th

400,000 unit Colorado State beats Fresno State Mar 8th

400,000 unit Blazers beat Pistons Mar 6th

350,000 unit Over UCLA/Arizona State hits Mar 2nd

400,000 unit North Carolina beats Florida State Feb 27th

500,000 unit Gonzaga beats Saint Marys Feb 25th

400,000 unit Bucks beat Heat Feb 24th

500,000 unit Northwestern covers Illinois Feb 23rd

500,000 unit St Johns beats Georgetown Feb 22nd

500,000 unit Kansas State beats Iowa State Feb 18th

400,000 unit Rangers beat Oilers Feb 17th

400,000 unit Bucks beat Bulls Feb 16th

400,000 unit Miami beats North Carolina Feb 13th

500,000 unit Pitt beats Florida State Feb 11th

500,000 unit Dayton beats St Louis Feb 10th

500,000 unit Purdue beats Iowa Feb 9th

400,000 unit Islanders beat Flyers Feb 6th

400,000 unit Michigan beats Northwestern Feb 2nd

400,000 unit Magic covers Heat Jan 27th

400,000 unit Cavs beat Rockets Jan 26th

400,000 unit Rangers beat Panthers Jan 23rd

500,000 unit Bengals beat Bills Jan 22nd

400,000 unit Kansas State beats Kansas Jan 17th

500,000 unit Over Giants/Vikings hits Jan 15th

500,000 unit Over Jaguars/Chargers hits Jan 14th

500,000 unit Celtics beat Nets Jan 12th

400,000 unit Bucks beat Hawks Jan 11th

No Rating Over Bills/Patriots hits Jan 8th

400,000 unit Nets beat Pelicans Jan 6th

500,000 unit Grizzlies beat Magic Jan 5th

400,000 unit Magic beat Thunder Jan 4th

400,000 unit Kansas beats Texas Tech Jan 3rd

500,000 unit Giants beat Colts Jan 1st

Handicapper Biography

 My name is Mike Stone and I have been thrilled since the very first day I joined forces with 14 years ago. I get to work with the top handicappers in the business day in and day out. More importantly I get to win for my clients and folks, there is simply no better feeling in the world. 

  I am the former CEO of a major handicapping site and I brought my reputation and knowledge to the site that I think is the the best in the business. 

 My main goal has never changed. It is to be successful and make you money. 

 I have been handicapping professionally for over 16 years and finding the odds makers errors is my specialty. I will wager on any sport if I feel I have an advantage.

 The day I graduated college I set out to find a job in sports but as you know, that is not an easy thing to do, especially with the way the country was going back then. Unfortunately, finding a successful career is no easier today than it was back in 2005.

 I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. I did not want a boss breathing down my neck constantly. Sports wagering offered both of those things to me.

 It also offered the best way to make the most money. I work my ass off every single day. That is the only way to succeed

 Put me to work for you and I promise you, while I cannot win every game, I will win way more than I lose which will lead to you making some pretty good cash along the way.

Rating System


178-127-4 on 50,000 unit plays

264-229-13 on 100,000 unit plays

58-56-3 on 150,000 unit plays

40-22-3 in 200,000 unit plays

74-68-9 in 250,000 unit plays

135-102-6 in 300,000 unit plays

246-202-8 in 350,000 unit plays

552-493-12 in 400,000 unit plays

283-252-5 in 500,000 unit plays

12-5 in No Rating plays
 Absolute Top Wagers. The Best of the Best. Mainly will be featured plays. These are plays you simply do not want to miss. They will be rare so when you see them, jump on board


 Very solid wagers. These happen a little more often and will also be featured plays. Also should be played for a good amount as I am extremely confident in these releases.

The rest are as follows:

350,000 Unit - Bankroll Play
300,000 Unit - Bankroll Play
250,000 Unit -Bankroll Play
200,000 Unit Bankroll Play
150,000 Unit - Bankroll Play
50,000 Unit - Bankroll Play

2,500 Unit - Daily Bonus Releases

1,000 Unit -  Free Plays

Todays Free Picks
Date: 6/4/2023 12:00:00 AM Sport: Soccer-Serie A
Pick: Juventus -135 Units: 1000
Notes: 2496-1970-63 in free plays
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